Full Results: Pro Wrestling Elite ‘8th Anniversary Show’

The following results are from Pro Wrestling Elite’s event at The Citadel in Ayr on July 20th, 2019:


The show started with Drew McIntyre paying tribute to Adrian McCallum.

Jack Jester defeated Aaron Echo by pinfall.

SWA X Championship – Leyton Buzzard defeated The Sam Barbour Experience by pinfall to retain the SWA X Championship.

UEWA Heavyweight Championship – Triple Threat – Andy Wild defeated BT Gunn and Alexander Dean by pinfall to win the UEWA Heavyweight Championship.

Kid Fite announced that he had an injured shoulder and he would be announcing a replacement.

PWE Tag Team Championships – The Purge (Krobar & Stevie James) defeated Kez Evans & Liam Thomson by pinfall to retain the PWE Tag Team Championships.

Debbie Keitel defeated Kasey by pinfall.

PWE Heavyweight Championship – Grado defeated Jackie Polo by pinfall to win the PWE Heavyweight Championship.

After the match Grado told the crowd that he was proud to be PWE Heavyweight Champion again but the championship belonged to Adrian as he placed the title in the middle of the ring and left.


Our thanks to @Rossco3164 for the results from the show.