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“Wrestle Ropes”

Website Role: Owner/Chief Editor

Bio: I’ve been a wrestling fan for almost 25 years now. I watch almost every major promotion in the world such as WWE, TNA, NJPW, PWG, ROH, SHIMMER, Stardom as well as of course the British Wrestling scene. I started Wrestle Ropes in late 2012 as a Facebook page with a website following four months later as a way to consolidate information on the best promotions in the UK in one place as at the time, nothing like that existed. Fast forward to present and Wrestle Ropes is bigger than I could ever imagine with traffic from all over the world and more promotions covered than I could imagine. The website has featured some very well known stars of British Wrestling through interviews, features and columns which all seemed impossible just a few years ago. British Wrestling is already grown so much since 2012 and continues to grow all the time. Hopefully the website will continue to grow with it and we continue to produce content which you engage with and enjoy.

15134449_10209383698643448_1167288885_n Billy Strachan

Website Role: Results Editor/Writer

Bio: For just about 20 years (jeez…I didn’t think it was that long), I’ve been watching professional wrasslin’. I’ve watched the Attitude Era, the Ruthless Aggression Era, the good times, the bad times and the awkward times. In 2012 I attended my first British wrestling event and from then on I consumed my life with professional wrestling in Scotland. In 2013 I started a YouTube show called OSWtv which burned out but the upside was I began writing, setting up the OSWtv Facebook page then the website.

Slowly gathering momentum, I’ve been working on the OSWtv ‘brand’ for the last 3 years building a great source for Scottish professional wrestling. Interviews, previews, reviews, pretty much anything I can think of, or can do, with my limited technological ability. Building some great relationships with the likes of Wrestle Ropes who were kind enough to allow us to reblog results and help on the Facebook page, now we’re joining forces like The Megapowers, or their Dean Ambrose to my James Ellsworth (a joke that will be irrelevant by next year).

I’ll be helping out with posting results and, you never know, I might pop up with an article or two.


Kyle Watt

Website Role: Results Editor/Writer

Bio: I’ve been a wrestling fan for 15 years after first seeing Wrestlemania X7 on VHS. Ever since then I’ve been watching WWE, barring a slight hiatus in late 2011 and 2012. In 2013 I went to my first independent wrestling show at the Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen, Aberdeen Anarchy presented by WrestleZone. Once I had discovered that independent wrestling existed in Scotland, I soon found myself watching ICW on the regular and after a year of waiting for my 18th birthday, I attended Fear and Loathing VII, my first ICW show. I try to watch as much wrestling as humanly possible but the main promotions I keep up with are WWE, ICW, PROGRESS, PWG and ROH.

I first got involved in writing about wrestling when my fellow Editor; Billy, asked me to become an admin for his site, OSWtv, in mid 2015. Since then I’ve been writing articles for him and helping out where I can.

I was asked to join the Wrestle Ropes team as an Editor in November of 2016 and have since been writing the occasional article and helping keep our results up to date.

15135661_10154700159843555_1507598591_nJames Marston

Website Role: Events Editor

Bio: I’ve been watching the wrasslin’ since 2000-ish and after a little break when WWF and WCW disappeared from terrestrial TV, I was back again for more towards the tail end of 2006. My obsession has only grown since, beginning with WWE and growing into other televised products like TNA, then onto US Indies like Ring of Honor before heading to our homegrown scene in 2013. I’ve attended over 30 shows in 2016, including PROGRESS, Fight Club:Pro, Attack! and ICW.

I began a website called Across The Pond Wrestling (ATPW) while at Aberystwyth University in 2012. Similar to my wrestling tastes it’s grown since then, with over ten writers, including Maffew from Botchamania having been featured on the site. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing names like Bill Apter, Christopher Daniels, Damian O’Connor, Martin Stone and Noam Dar, as well as developing strong relationships with various departments within WWE, TNA and Jeff Jarrett’s GFW. It was through ATPW that I began to work in conjunction with Wrestle Ropes, when we collaborated on a weekly Brit Wres preview, called Ready for the Weekend, which will become a monthly series in December, renamed One For The Read. I’ve since taken over the Events page of Wrestle Ropes! Keep your eye on it for all the events around the UK!

Ligero 2“The Mexican Sensation” El Ligero

Website Role: Columnist

Bio: El Ligero has been a professional wrestler since 2001. He has wrestled in the United States, Italy, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Sweden and many times in the UK, for over 130 different wrestling companies.

Some of the more prominent companies he has worked for include: Pro Wrestling Noah (on their 2008 UK tour), Michinoku Pro, PCW, 1PW, All Star Wrestling, Rev Pro, Southside, NGW, FWA, WAW, IPW:UK, IWW (Ireland), NWA Wildside (USA), EWF (Italy), EWE (Spain), PBW (Scotland), 2FC (France), DCW (Holland), XWA, 3CW and over 120 other companies.

He has wrestled the likes of Ultimo Dragon, Davey Richards, Nunzio, Doug Basham, Jimmy Rave, Johnny Gargano, AR Fox, Ricochet, Super Crazy, The Young Bucks, Douglas Williams, Joe Legend, Eddie Edwards, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Takashi Sugiura, PAC, Gangrel, Zack Sabre JR, El Generico, Delirious,Martin Stone, Tracy Smothers, Rockstar Spud and many more, including the best the UK has to offer. He has also teamed with Simon Dean and The Sandman

For over two years now, El Ligero has also been the Head Trainer at the NGW Academy, whilst also taking various seminars at DPW, UKW, RDW and others.