Insane Championship Wrestling ‘Fight Club’ FULL Results


The following results are from Insane Championship Wrestling ‘Fight Club’ at The Garage in Glasgow on September 11th, 2016:


*The following results shall contain spoilers for future episodes of ‘Fight Club’*

The show began with Mark Dallas accepting Red Lightning’s offer for a match at ‘Fear & Loathing IX’ for control of the company.

ICW World Heavyweight Championship – Wolfgang defeated Darkside by Pinfall* to retain the ICW World Heavyweight Championship.

*During the match, Red Lightning interfered multiple times along with Wolfgang using brass knucks prior to the win.

The funeral for the NAK hosted by Stevie Boy was interrupted by BT Gunn and Chris Renfrew. Stevie Boy escaped through the crowd as BT Gunn and Chris Renfrew attacked ICW officials.

Chris Ridgeway announced that he should be a part of ‘Fear & Loathing IX’. As Sha Samuels made his was to the ring, he was attacked by Kid Fite and the two men fought backstage. Trent Seven then appeared and took Sha Samuels place in the match.

Trent Seven defeated “Smashmouth” Chris Ridgeway by Pinfall.

Lionheart announced that ‘Fear & Loathing IX’ ill feature the first Stairway To Heaven match with the ICW Zero-G Championship on the line. The match will have six participants and shall be an elimination style match until the final two men are left. At that point the match will then become a ladder match for the ICW Zero-G Championship. Following the announcement, Christopher Saynt came out and challenged Lionheart to a championship match which was accepted.

ICW Zero-G Championship – Lionheart defeated Christopher Saynt by Pinfall. to retain the ICW Zero-G Championship.

Lewis Girvan vs Wild Boar ended in a No Contest after Iestyn Rees and Mike Bird attacked Lewis Girvan followed by The Purge coming to Girvan’s aid. A six-man tag team match was announced.

Six-Man Tag Team – “Ginger Jesus” Mike Bird, Wild Boar & Iestyn Rees defeated The Purge (Krobar & Stevie James) & “The Best Young Wrestler In The World” Lewis Girvan by Pinfall.

Andy Wild defeated Noam Dar by Pinfall.

Following the match, the entire Insane Championship Wrestling locker room came out and gave Noam Dar a heartfelt send off.

“Iron Man” Joe Coffey defeated “The British Messiah” Timothy Thatcher by Pinfall.

DCT came to the ring and announced that needed to be cleared to compete. Dr Danny Rodgers came out and informed that he couldn’t be touched by DCT as per the order of Red Lightning. Coach Trip then attacked Dr Danny Rodgers and placed him a Camel Clutch until he agreed to clear DCT. Jack Jester then appeared and a match between him and DCT was made.

Jack Jester defeated DCT by Pinfall.

Kid Fite defeated Kenny Williams by Pinfall.

Following the match, Kid Fite and Sha Samuels started fighting again and had to be separated by security.

ICW Undisputed Tag Team Championship – Ladder Match – Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & “The Real Deal” Mark Coffey) defeated The Local Fire (“Local Hero” Joe Hendry & Davey Boy) to become the ICW Undisputed Tag Team Champions.

Following the match, Davey Boy speared Joe Hendry before being restrained by security. The Wee Man then came out and joined Davey Boy.


Our thanks to Gewglybear for the results from the show.