INTERVIEW: Lewis Girvan – September 2015

Credit: Warrior Fight Photography

Credit: Warrior Fight Photography

by Craig Hermit.


So looking towards September 20th you have made it very clear to ICW Zero-G Champion, Stevie Boy that you are the man to dethrone him, but you will be facing DCT at the same time, your thoughts?

I make no secret of the fact that I want to be Zero G champion. To me it’s the premier wrestling title in ICW, the World Title often getting bogged down in blood feuds with the likes of Galloway, Jack Jester and Chris Renfrew having personal disputes over it. The Zero G Title is the WRESTLING title, it shows you to be the best so who better to hold it than the best young wrestler in the world? It doesn’t matter to me who I’m in their with, Stevie Boy and DCT will have no idea whats hit them on September 20th.


Credit: David J Wilson Photography

At Pride Wrestling, what are your thoughts on recapturing the N7 Championship again from Chris Renfrew, as now DCT and Joe Hendry have joined the list of contenders for that Title?

The N7 title is my title. I was the first champion and the first ever two time champion and both times the title has been stolen away from me. In my mind no one has actually beaten me for the N7 Championship, not fairly anyway, so I have every intention of bringing it back home very soon.


I remember seeing you in an SWA show and you were facing Jonathan Gresham in a showcase match that remains to this day one of best matches in seen, what has been your favourite matches that you could recommend to fans?

My personal favourite matches would include that one with Gresham but I’d also say my matches with Chris Sabin at Discovery, Solar at Spacebaws, Mikey Whiplash at Barramania, either of my matches with Zack Sabre Jr or when I faced Drew Galloway for the ICW title.


When did you begin your training, what inspired you enter the world of wrestling and how was the transition to do so?

I began my training at 13 and debuted at 15. At first wrestling was just something I thought I’d try, being so young I never really thought ahead to what could become of me training and I certainly never thought I could make a career of it. That being said, once I started training I fell in love with it and then the likes of Scott Renwick and BT Gunn inspired me to really pursue it with everything I had. they made me want to be a professional wrestler.


Staying with the SWA, fans have seen you progress in their Showcase events to gain fantastic success, what would you about the training that separates SWA from other schools around the UK? And who has helped you along the way?

I owe a great deal to many people from the Source school. Damien O’Connor was my first trainer, I think my first day training was his first day as the trainer of the then Area 52 wrestling school so we were both very much learning together. He gave me all the raw tools I needed to be a success in wrestling. There was also Mikey Whiplash, he refined what Damo had already taught me as well as add more from his extensive knowledge. I also credit a great deal to Robbie Brookside who I trained with extensively from Nov 2011 till Sep 2013, he made me feel like I could actually make it. I learned so much from him and learned not only wrestling lessons but life lessons as well. The Source school is in my eyes the best all round school in the UK because between Damo, Whiplash, myself (as I am now privileged with taking the Wednesday evening classes), Nikki Storm and Glen Dunbar there is so many different skill sets and so much experience that no aspect of the job is overlooked. There is someone there who can help you in any facet of wrestling.


Credit: David J Wilson Photography

You have faced some of the best in this business so far, Mikey Whiplash, Damo O’Connor and Drew Galloway to name a few, who else would you like to face given the opportunity?

I want to wrestle the best because I always want to get better. My goal is to be the best all round wrestler in the world and I’ll only get there by pushing myself with opponents of all different shapes, sizes and styles. Currently I would love the chance to wrestle the likes of Chris Ridgeway, Tommy End, Dave Mastiff and El Ligero amongst many others.


In Alpha Omega Wrestling in Morecambe, fans know you as part of The Referendum, what is your thoughts on the reaction you get from the fans as well as The Referendum’s undefeated streak?

The Morecambe fans are increasingly violent every time the Referendum makes an appearance. They hate that we throw our national pride in their faces, that we think we are a superior nation makes their patriotic blood boil. Its hilarious. The Referendums undefeated streak is just a testament to the fact that we are the superior nation and that we only associate with the best.


Scotland has multiple wrestling promotions across the country and ICW remains to be one of the most successful, why do you think that is? And what do think of it’s fanbase?

ICW brought something that no other company had at the time. It was edgy, underground counter culture. You felt like you shouldn’t be watching it so it became the alternative to all the other wrestling offered. The fanbase are also a big part of ICW’s success because it’s one thing to get large crowds through the door but its another to have them be that passionate about the product, to care so much about what happens show to show. Fan interaction is some of the most entertaining parts of ICW, they’re almost part of the show.


Credit: David J Wilson Photography

One of my favourite feuds you had was with Drew Galloway that concluded at ICW Spacebaws, what was your thoughts on the match and then fantastic build-up itself?

I take a lot of pride in both that match and the build up to it. As far as most fans were concerned that match wasn’t happening, neither ICW nor Drew made any mention or reference to it, it would appear that I was just trying to amuse myself with all  the daft things I was doing. I take pride in the fact that I managed to change that opinion, I am certain there was a large number of people in that audience who paid their money to see me vs Drew because of the work that I did. I also take a lot of pride in it because it allowed me to showcase a side of myself that I often get criticised for not having. I’m known as a very straight laced wrestler who doesn’t show a great deal of personality and again I felt that I proved that opinion wrong in the lead up to that match with the promos I cut and the content I put out on social media.


UK Wrestling is certainly going through a boom period at the moment, with sell out shows across the board, what is your thoughts on that and why?

I think the current boom period in British wrestling is down the hard work of many talented people. All across the UK there are fantastic talents both in the ring and around it all of whom are working together to make this the best territory they can. I would Scotland in particular has a strong case for being the hottest wrestling territory in Europe right now.


How can fans wanting to keep you date with yourself on social media do so?

I have a page on Facebook that they can like, Lewis Girvan and I have a YouTube channel that they can subscribe to under the same name. Also, I am on Twitter and Instagram @LewisCEGirvan.