INTERVIEW: Debbie Sharpe – March 2015

Credit: Contraband Photography

by Craig Hermit.


Was there an event or match that captured you or inspired you to begin your career in the wrestling industry?

“For me, as a young fan at the age of five, I loved to watch wrestling although the thought of actually being a wrestler was terrifying. Growing older my parents bought tickets for us all to go to see WWE live in Glasgow and the whole atmosphere just drew me in, I looked at these performers in the ring and at that point I made the decision that I wanted to be a wrestler, I aspired to be them. I wouldn’t say that one match captured me I would say the entire show captured me. Beginning my career as a wrestler was the best thing I’ve done yet as it allowed the real Debbie to shine through.”


Credit: David J Wilson Photography

You’re currently training at the SWA Source Wrestling School, for fans who want to train to wrestle, how and when did that begin and how are you finding the experience?

“Before training at the Source Wrestling School I had had some previous training, in 2013, Sammii then invited me to train with her one day in Glasgow and from that day on that’s where I’ve stayed, as I found a great standard of training there, credit to Damian O’Connor, Nikki Storm and Mikey Whiplash for putting up with me! If anyone is aspiring to be a wrestler then do something about it, if you discover that it’s not for you then at least you can look back and say you’ve tried it rather than always wishing you had. Everyone has to start somewhere.”


You have sustained some hard injures in the last few months, how is the recovery going?

“Yes I certainly have! Thankfully I have got a brilliant Physiotherapist who I can imagine hates when he sees me walking through the door, thinking “what the heck has she done this time?” Knock on wood I think my recovery is going really well! (better than expected).”

In Fierce Females, SWA and on YouTube, you have emplored the wrestling world to #PrayforDebbie as you recovered from your injury, how did the idea for it come about as well as the t-shirt?

“The whole idea for me to do an injury update angle was Mikey Whiplash’s idea. Truthfully hash tag pray for Debbie was just something that popped into my head just as I was coming to the end of my promo and I’m glad it did, it was a hit. My t-shirt was designed by Aspen Faith and personally I love it.”


Credit: David J Wilson Photography

While being injured you have certainly been busy as you have been assisting your “bestie” Sammii Jayne with her matches, as seen in SWA in Cumbernauld, you helped your bestie triumph over Nikki Storm, will this be a sign of things to come?

“It certainly is as on 25th April at the Motherwell Concert Hall, Sammii and I will be tagging against the team of Nikki Storm and Viper.”


You’ll be debuting in Empress Pro Wrestling in July, how does it feel to be part of their second show in High Wycombe?

“I am really excited for my Empress Pro début, there were some very talented ladies on their first show and I look forward to working with them.”


Throughout your career, you have wrestled in numerous styles of matches, what do think has been milestone matches so far?

“I have three milestone matches so far, two of them were actually against Sammii, one of which being in our home town of Perth, Sammii is incredibly talented and as much as I love to team with her I also love to wrestle her too. Another match that sticks out for me was against Nikki Storm, Nikki is also an incredible talent and I feel myself and Nikki can gel quite well together with a similar style of wrestling. One thing I am quite sad about though is out of all three of these matches none were filmed! I cant wait to get back in the ring and face some new opponents and begin to challenge and push myself.”


You’ve been trained as a valet, a wrestler and even a referee, what main differences are there to the three aspects when you’re performing to the crowd and which did you enjoy more?

“For me, I enjoy every aspect of being on a show, whether that is reffing a match or accompanying someone but obviously I enjoy wrestling the most, when I’m not wrestling I’m craving it. For me that is one of the hardest things about being injured is having to take that step back.”


Credit: David J Wilson Photography

For fans who haven’t seen you wrestle in SWA and Fierce Females, what would they come to expect from you in a Debbie Sharpe match?

“I think from me all you can expect is a lot of drama!”


So what can Debbie Sharpe fans expect from you looking ahead into 2015?

“Hopefully they can see me return in style and to go from strength to strength. That doesn’t mean they can stop praying though!”


And finally, where can the fans see you next? And where can they get updates from yourself on social media?

“Fans can see me making my in ring return at Scottish Wrestling Alliance on 25th April for SWA Rebirth Night Two at the Motherwell Concert Hall, where I will be teaming with my bestie Sammii Jayne to take on the team of Nikki Storm and Viper!

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Thanks for reading!!”


**Our thanks to Debbie Sharpe for her time in conducting the interview and to Craig Hermit for contributing the interview to the Wrestle Ropes website.

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