Deathmatch Confirmed For Triple X Wrestling ‘Clusterfuck IV’


Triple X Wrestling have confirmed a deathmatch for their January 25th show, ‘Clusterfuck IV’ at Club M in Coventry.

It has been announced that Chris Brookes will compete against Tyler Bate in a deathmatch at Club M on January 25th at ‘Clusterfuck IV’.

Triple X Wrestling announced the match with the following:

We’re VERY excited about this announcement.

When best friends fall out things can spiral out of control pretty quickly, especially when one of them is such a cunt. These two’s last match together ended when Brookes hung Tyler by his neck over the top rope using an electrical cable till the poor bastard blacked out.

Since then both men have been calling us incessantly, begging for one very specific type of rematch. A type of match that will give them the chance to inflict pain on a level befitting of their hatred for each other. A type of match that divides wrestling and non-wrestling fans alike. A type of match that will forever change both competitors.

Yep, that’s right, a DEATHMATCH. The only type of match where one man is legally allowed to kill the other in the name of competition! That’s how it works right?

Either way, this will be the most violent match that either man has ever competed in, and people will be talking about sick, twisted shit that these two are gonna do to each other for years to come. You absolutely won’t want to miss this, so don’t!

Credit: Triple X Wrestling

The announced match card is as follows:

Match Card

Clusterfuck Match

Winner Earns A Championship Match At ‘WrestleC*nts 2015’



Chris Brookes vs Tyler Bate


More Information

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here.

Source: Triple X Wrestling Facebook

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