Grand Pro Wrestling ‘Final Fight’ Results


The following results are from Grand Pro Wrestling ‘Final Fight’ at The Rose Club in Hindley, Wigan on November 21st 2014:


GPW British Championship – El Ligero defeated T-Bone by Pinfall to retain the GPW British Championship.

Loser Banned From Hindley Tesco/Loser Must Move Out Of Hindley – Ashton Smith defeated Martin Kirby by Pinfall. Martin Kirby must now move out of Hindley.

Alex Jones-Casey defeated Jiggy Walker by Pinfall*.

*The Bad Lads interfering in the match lead to Alex Casey-Jones victory.

It Was announced before the GPW Tag Team Championship No.1 Contender match that The Bad Lads had injured Cyanide.

GPW Tag Team Championship No.1 Contender – Ste Bin Mann defeated The Bad Lads by Disqualification to become the no.1 contender to the GPW Tag Team Championship.

Following the match, Simon R Valour announced that Ste Bin Mann would have his GPW Tag Team Championship match, immediately. Crissy volunteered Jett Fashion to be Ste Bin Mann’s partner.

GPW Tag Team Championship – Ste Bin Mann & Jett Fashion defeated The Island Bros by Pinfall to become the new GPW Tag Team champions. *NEW CHAMPION*

2 Out Of 3 Falls – 20 Minute Time Limit – CJ Banks vs Jack Gallagher ended in a Draw at 0-0 when the time limit was reached.

Last Man Standing – Nate Travis defeated Damon Leigh.

8-Man Tag Team – The Effect (Dirk Feelgood, Johnnie Brannigan, Sam Bailey & RJM) defeated The Cause (Dave Rayne, Zach Gibson, Axl Rage & Sean Daniels) by Pinfall. The Cause were forced to disband.


Our thanks to Kristian Zane for the results from the show.

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