Final Match Confirmed For PROGRESS Wrestling ‘ENDVR:7’


PROGRESS Wrestling have confirmed the final match for their November 2nd show, ‘ENDVR:7’ at The Bedofrd in London.

It has been announced by PROGRESS Wrestling that the team of Danny Garnell & Damon Moser will face Steve Burden & Kyle Ashmore of Angels Of Retribution in a tag team match at The Bedford on November 2nd at ‘ENDVR:7 in London.

PROGRESS Wrestling announced the match with the following:

‪#‎ENDVR‬:7 match news:

Since aligning at ENDVR:5 in June, the pair of DAMON MOSER (delusional) and DANNY GARNELL (disillusioned) have become quite the force, disposing firstly of ‪#‎Projo‬ head trainer Darrell Allen and then putting on a good showing at ‪#‎THUNDERBASTARD‬ in July, although Garnell was eventually eliminated from that high-stakes match by another heavyweight powerhouse, Stixx.

Back in September, Moser promised that he and Garnell would be at ENDVR:7 to continue their partnership (see: and so we’ve made a match to test their heavyweight credentials to the limit by creating a brand new tag team.

THE ANGELS OF RETRIBUTION consist of the “Free Man” STEVE BURDEN, now rid of the shackles of The Warden, and the debuting KYLE ASHMORE, a big man with the aerial skills of a cruiserweight and the power game to match any other man in this match.

THE ANGELS OF RETRIBUTION vs GARNELL & MOSER completes the card for Sunday’s #ENDVR show at The Bedford in ‪#‎Balham‬ – which is SOLD OUT! Keep an eye on this page for any returns.


Credit: PROGRESS Wrestling

The announced match card is as follows:

Match Card

Lumberperson Match – Ali Armstrong’s Natural Progress Series Place Is On The Line

Ali Armstrong vs The Omega


Mike Hitchman vs Pastor William Eaver


Jinny vs Pollyanna


Triple Threat

Super Oktane vs Eddie Dennis vs Pantera Negro


Chuck Mambo vs Earl Brown Jr


RJ Singh vs Sebastian


Angels Of Retribution (Steve Burden & Kyle Ashmore) vs Danny Garnell & Damon Moser


More Information


The official event page can be viewed here.

Source: PROGRESS Wrestling Facebook

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