A message from Wrestle Ropes


Thank you. That is the main purpose of this message. To say thank you to everyone who has supported us since we start just over a year ago. When we started Wrestle Ropes, it was an attempt to have announcements from a few wrestling companies in one place that was easy for fans to find. A year later and we cover more than just a few, over thirty-five to be precise. We’ve also become known as the place to find the results each weekend for those companies, normally as soon as they happen.

The reason we’re able to bring those results to you so quickly is due to ordinary fans who have taken the time and effort to ensure we have them as soon as they happen. We say it in every results article that they contribute to but we want to extend a special thank you to Claire Davidson, Theresa Morley, Pixie,  Jamie Tunbridge, Daniel Richardson, Dr Debonair,Esq, 5starFrog and numerous others.

Also, a special mention to our affiliates at BritWresChat, Discover Wrestling, Wrestleshark, Ringside World, The Wrestling Forum, Squared Cirlce Ringwear, Scottish Wrestling Ring, The Tartan Slam & 3 Count Magazine for their support they have given over the year.

Our thanks  to Christopher Saynt & Bete Noire who took the time out of their schedules to help contribute to our ‘Wrestler in the Spolight’ articles which without their help would not have been as successful as they were. We can also tell you that the ‘Wrestler in the Spotlight’ articles will return in the near future.

Once again a thank you to everyone including UK promotions who have ever read one of our articles, shared it or followed us.


Thank you.



Wrestle Ropes

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