Squared Circle Ringwear

Squared Circle Ringwear are a small, homemade, old-time, extra-chewy, mom & pop t-shirt company specialising in designs from back in the ol’ days of wrasslin’ before TV-PG & WWE Universe, in a world of territories, WWF, WCW and Kayfabe.

We specialise in nostalgic sayings, slogans and terms, illustrated in well-designed designs on quality shirts. Designs for all your favourite nostalgic moments from the ghosts of wrestling’s past, present & even the future!

After our initial launch we were delighted by the huge success, which is thanks to our great customers. We released 5 shirts in our initial phase, ran a special Election campaign, and we have added 6 more for Winter 2012, with another 6 coming in the New Year. We hope 2013 will build on 2012 so we can continue to provide unique products well in to the future.

All our products are parody, tribute or otherwise unofficial, so you will not see designs that use trademarked character names – though they me be implied! We’re not here to make money off other people’s ideas, we’re here to provide something that otherwise doesn’t exist.



Website: squaredcircle.biz


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