Ringside World

Ringside World is a website dedicated to helping the UK Wrestling and MMA scene grow in popularity. We show no bias or negativity to any promotions and simply give promoters the chance to put their product in the spotlight and showcase it to the people that matter, the fans!

We list events and sell tickets for shows up and down the country, whilst enabling local training schools to showcase their work to a wider audience.

Our services allow promoters to have online management of their shows and a statistical breakdown, of how their event is progressing. We provide them with the tools to promote their product to the right people, by offering a range of different marketing and advertising options, via the website, social media and by e-mail campaigns.

It is not only promoters that we are trying to help though, we also want to get some of the many talented training schools situated across the country, further exposure and allow new people to discover the wonderful world of Wrestling and MMA.

 We also bring you links to the best of British Wrestling and MMA podcasts, radio shows and blogs, which are the mouthpiece of these great sports.



Website: ringsideworld.co.uk


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