Full Results: World Wide Wrestling League ‘Summer Spectacular’


The following results are from World Wide Wrestling League ‘Summer Spectacular’ at Fife Ice Arena in Fife, Scotland on June 15th, 2019:


Kevin Williams defeated Bobby Roberts w/Christopher Saynt by pinfall.

W3L Women’s Championship – Jayla Dark defeated Emily Hayden by disqualification to retain the W3L Women’s Championship.

Emily Hayden hit Jayla Dark with the W3L Women’s Championship to cause the disqualification.

Joe E Legend defeated Euan G Mackie by pinfall.

If Mike Musso Wins He Is Added To The Wrestlution Main Event – Last Man Standing – Mike Musso defeated Craig Stephens by knockout to be added to the Wrestlution main event.

W3L Tag team Championships – TJ Rage & Krieger defeated Umar Mohammed & Prince Asad by pinfall to retain the W3L Tag Team Championships.

W3L Heavyweight Championship – Johnny Lions defeated Saqib Ali by pinfall to retain the W3L Heavyweight Championship.

After the match, Prince Asad and Umar Mohammed jumped Johnny Lions. Lions fended them off and left, then Asad and Ali jumped Mohammed. Lions made the save and cleared house. Lions announced that Wrestlution will be his last match and he wanted to retire as champion. Mike Musso entered to tell Lions that wanting to retire as champion slapped the face of everyone that has came before Lions. Lions and Musso face off then Craig Stephens attacked both with a chair.


Our thanks to John Young for the results from the show.