Full Results: Scottish Wrestling Alliance ‘Paisley Pandemonium’

The following results are from Scottish Wrestling Alliance’s ’Paisley Pandemonium’ event at the Lagoon Centre in Paisley, Scotland on May 31st, 2019:


Scottish Luchadors (Lucha DS & Robbie Solar) & El Ravie Davie defeated Sha Samuels, Kid Fite & Shiekh El Sham by pinfall.

Mikey Whiplash defeated Ryan Griffin by pinfall.

Timm Wylie defeated Jack Morris by pinfall.

Ashley Vega, Jokey & Viper defeated Lana Austin, Angel Hayze & Jamie Hayter by pinfall.

Grado’s Open Challenge – Grado defeated Shiekh El Sham by pinfall.

SWA X Championship – Leyton Buzzard defeated Kieran Kelly by pinfall to win the SWA X Championship.

Craig Anthony defeated Dickie Divers by pinfall.

General Manager Mark Dallas restarted the match after Divers pinned Anthony due to interference from Timm Wylie.

Scottish Heavyweight Championship – Fatal Four Way – Lionheart defeated Rudo Lightning, BT Gunn and Jack Jester by pinfall to retain the SWA Scottish Heavyweight Championship.


Our thanks to David Fleming for the results from the event