Full Results: World Wide Wrestling League ‘Wrestling Showdown: Edinburgh’


The following results are from World Wide Wrestling League ‘Wrestling Showdown’ at South Side Community Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland on May 10th, 2019:


Triple Threat – Kevin Williams defeated Umar Mohammed and The Tormentor by pinfall.

BT Gunn defeated Prince Asad by pinfall.

Seven Deadly Sins Tournament – Semi Final – Submissions Match – Craig Stephens defeated Liam Thomson by submission to advance.

Seven Deadly Sins Tournament – Semi Final – Submissions Match – Taylor Bryden defeated Dickie Divers by submission to advance.

W3L Heavyweight Championship – W3L Women’s Championship – Johnny Lions & Jayla Dark defeated Euan G Mackie & Emily Hayden by pinfall. Jayla Dark pinned Emily Hayden to win the W3L Women’s Championship. Johnny Lions retained the W3L Heavyweight Championship.

Seven Deadly Sins Tournament – Final – Last Man Standing Match – Craig Stephens defeated Taylor Bryden to win the Seven Deadly Sins Tournament.


Our thanks to Steve McKenzie for the results from the show.