Full Results: Reckless Intent Wrestling ‘vs Source Wrestling’

The following results are from Reckless Intent Wrestling’s event at the Murieson Scout Hall in Livingston, Scotland on May 4th, 2019:


RI Tag Team Championships – Age of Orion (Michael Chase & Theo Doros) (RI) defeated Killer Xero (Alexander Darwin MacAllan & Xero) (Source) by pinfall to retain the RI Tag Team Championships.

Jack Morris attempted to interfere on behalf of Killer Xero, Jonathon Richards stopped him.

Griffin (Source) defeated Jack Morris (RI) by disqualification.

Handicap Match – Divinity (Brandon Adams, Delsin Dayre & Rob Mills) (RI) defeated I-Gen (David Devlin & Kieran Kelly) (Source) by pinfall.

RI Hardcore Championship – Scramble Match – Tom Fulton (Source) defeated Craig Forsyth (RI), Shaun Walker (Source), Freddie The Fanboy (RI), Dr Effen (RI) and MATT DALY (Source) to retain the RI Hardcore Championship.

Sammie Jo (Source) defeated Jackie Grady (RI) by pinfall.

RI Hardcore Championship – Freddie The Fanboy (RI) defeated Tom Fulton (Source) by pinfall to win the RI Hardcore Championship.

RI Heavyweight Championship – Dickie Divers (RI) defeated Mikey Whiplash (Source) by pinfall to retain the RI Heavyweight Championship.

Whilst the referee was knocked down, Mikey Whiplash made Divers tap out. RI GM Kieran Ure tried to make the count for Divers and refused to count the pinfall for Whiplash. Jonathan Richards ran out and attacked Divers.

After the match Alexander Darwin MacAllan and Xero came out to attack Whiplash, Michael Chase made the save.


Our thanks to Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet for the results from the event.