Full Results: Reckless Intent Wrestling ‘Live In Hamilton’

The following results are from Reckless Intent Wrestling’s event at The Greenfield Social Club in Hamilton, Scotland on March 23rd, 2019:


Michael Chase defeated Jack Morris by pinfall.

Hardcore Match – Jam O’Malley defeated Niko Kraus by pinfall.

The Enlightened (Rob Mills & Jackie Grady) defeated Alex Webb & Steven ‘Air’ Myles by pinfall.

Freddie The Fanboy defeated Brandon Adams by pinfall.

Mr Grum defeated Jonathan Richards by pinfall.

RI Heavyweight Championship – Dickie Divers defeated Craig Forsyth by pinfall to retain the RI Heavyweight Championship.

Craig Forsyth originally won by pinfall but GM Kieran Ure restarted the match due to Divers’ foot being on the bottom rope during the pinfall.


Our thanks to Euan Conway for the results from the event.