MATCH OF THE WEEK: Spike Trivet vs Lucky Kid (Breed Pro Wrestling, Feb. 10, 2019)

Its February, its cold as shit and I was at the Abbeydale Picturehouse. A great looking venue that really felt like both a throwback and a look to the future in terms of british wrestling. Using a traditional theatre style presentation, Breed Pro Wrestling successfully put forward their vision for wrestling in the heartland of Yorkshire.

Excitingly for a new promotion the vast majority of the wrestlers used were from all over the country. The standard of wrestlers in the area is absolutely fantastic, but it shows the commitment of the promoters to using fresh grapplers from all over the nation. By using people who have regularly performed for OTT, Progress and Riptide they enter themselves into the realm of the hip promotions who are pushing younger talent right now.

Until now, I’ve always enjoyed Lucky Kid’s work, but he’s never really grabbed my attention, his work here proved me wrong. He’s a unique and interesting wrestler who deals best with inverting the crowds expectation. The previous times I’ve seen him he’s been in the first match. I understand why promoters have chosen to do this, his mixture of comedy, charisma and athleticism seem like a great mix to get a show going and reactions in venues certainly prove that. However, personally I like Lucky as a change of pace in the middle of a show, altering the atmosphere for a crowd. His work with Chris Brookes as CCBLAAAH was absolutely outstanding and puts forward a great case for him to be one of the strongest grapplers in european wrestling over the coming years. His slow burning character work will make him a fixture on the UK circuit and he will add a lot to any shows he has been booked on.

Into each generation a villain is born and the millennial slaying Spike Trivet is a thrilling little shit who will continue to expand his audience over the next few years. I have previously seen Trivet in a role where he is mainly delivering promos in Progress, on their northern shows. As a grappler he is equally as engaging, he has the full package. He understands what he is trying to put forward and gives a complete performance from the music his moment hits to the moment the final bell rings.

Starting with an introductory Promo is simple yet effective, and as a performer Spike is more than capable of holding an audience for extended periods of time. He often gets what you would consider ‘lengthy’ promos for live wrestling shows, thats a sign of faith and belief in a wrestler that you don’t often see.

Trivet is an interesting character in that the position he holds as an antagonist, feels naturally contradictory, almost perfect for 2019. ‘Upper Class’ by virtue of nothing but a champagne bottle and a smart suit, his Johnny Rotten delivery through hunched shoulders and sneering upper lip winds up a crowd by doing the exact same thing the 70s punk scene did, Yelling about the thing the crowd hates to their face. The seesaw between pantomime delivery for raucous chanting and heckling and simple viciousness is great for pulling an audience in.

Lucky Kid and Trivet have a great dynamic and hold the audience close over the 15 minute match. Both performers use character over ‘moves’ and for me had the best match of the debut Breed Pro show. The bout is easy for fans and newcomers to engage with due to the clear structure of the match. I’d really recommend this match and would heavily suggest getting involved with BREED, Lucky Kid and Trivet before they become the thing that someone else tells you about.

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