Full Results: Reckless Intent Wrestling ‘Live In Livingston’

The following results are from Reckless Intent Wrestling’s event at the Murieson Scout Hall in Livingston, Scotland on March 2nd, 2019:


Robbie Solar defeated Jack Morris by pinfall.

Divinity (Delsin Dayre, Brandon Adams & Jackie Grady) defeated The Odd Squad (Craig Forsyth. Jarek Nowak & Freddy The Fanboy) w/Ayesha Raymond by pinfall.

During the match Nowak walked out of the match leaving his partners.

RI Heavyweight Championship – Dickie Divers defeated Conscience by pinfall to retain the RI Heavyweight Championship.

Four Way Elimination Match – Theo Doros defeated Steven Myles, Alex Webb & Rob Mills.

RI Contract vs General Managership – Livingston Street Fight – Kieran Ure defeated Jam O’Malley by pinfall to remain as RI General Manager.

During the match, O’Malley fought off Jarek Nowak and Bungle. O’Malley was then attacked by Divinity, however, he was saved by The Odd Squad. O’Malley was then attacked by Keiran’s new head of security Mr Grum who helped Keiran get the win.

After the match Ure fired Jam O’Malley.

Mr Awesome defeated Eric Canyon by disqualification.

RI UK Championship – Chris Renfrew defeated Michael Chase by pinfall to retain the RI UK Championship.


Our thanks to Reckless Intent Wrestling for the results from the event.