Full Results: Discovery Wrestling ‘The Disco Derby’

The following results are from Discovery Wrestling’s ‘The Disco Derby’ event at The Jam House in Edinburgh, Scotland on March 3rd, 2019:


Fatal Four Way – BT Gunn defeated Chief Deputy Dunne, Aspen Faith and Kid Fite by pinfall.

Joe Hendry defeated Kieran Kelly by submission.

Josh Terry defeated Shady Nattrass by pinfall.

Discovery Wrestling Y Division Championship – Joe Coffey defeated Lewis Girvan by pinfall to retain the Discovery Wrestling Y Division Championship.

Joe Hendry entered after the match to challenge Joe Coffey for the Discovery Wrestling Y Division Championship at the next event.

Nine9 (Dickie Divers & Jack Morris) defeated Chris Renfrew & Michael Chase by pinfall after Michael Chase walked out of the match.

Unsanctioned – Theo Doros vs Christopher Saynt ended in a no contest.

Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship – Disco Derby – Session Moth Martina defeated Kasey by pinfall to win the Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship.

Entry Order:

1. Nina Samuels*
2. Angel Hayze
3. Sammii Jayne
4. Debbie Keitel
5. Ashley Vega
6. Kasey
7. Raven Creed
8. Jokey
9. Lana Austin
10. Moxie Malone
11. Lucy Cole
12. Jayla Dark
13. Rosie Nyte
14. Session Moth Martina
15. Emily Hayden

Eliminations Order:

1. Debbie Keitel by Jokey & Raven Creed
2. Sammi Jayne by Angel Hayze
3. Angel Hayze by Ashley Vega
4. Ashley Vega by Kasey
5. Raven Creed by Lucy Cole
6. Lucy Cole by Raven Creed
7. Moxie Malone by Raven Creed
8. Jokey by Raven Creed
9. Rosie Nyte by Lana Austin
10. Lana Austin by Session Moth Martina
11. Emily Hayden by Jayla Dark
12. Jayla Dark by Kasey and Session Moth Martina

*Nina Samuels never entered the Disco Derby


Our thanks to Craig Gordon, Euan Conway & Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet for the results from the event.