Match of the Week: Bea Priestley vs Nixon Newell (Defiant Wrestling FKA WCPW, Stacked, Sep 3, 2016)

Thanks to their northern presence, I’ve had the pleasure of several Defiant events over the past couple of years. The top level presentation of the product and well organised shows make them a strong recommendation from myself for anyone looking to spend their money on live wrestling.

This match is pulled from their healthy library of star studded matches on their youtube. I really loved the Bea Priestley vs Lana Austin, Falls Count Anywhere match that I saw a week or so ago at Defiant: Unstoppable and this match from the WCPW days is a classic precursor to that bout, its an earlier draft, much like how the excellent tables matches between the Hardys and Dudleys led to the jaw dropping TLC matches down the road.

Filmed in the Newcastle Academy, a great venue for live wrestling, but if you want my personal take, I’d say the best night out you can have is at one of the Defiant Plug shows in Sheffield, the midweek crowd have always been up for it and the show quality has always been worth the ticket price.

Much can be said of the two wrestlers involved who are strong figureheads at the front of the British indie scene. What I find great about Nixon Newell (now Tegan Nox in NXT) and Bea Priestley is how the mould for a top star doesn’t have to be the same.

Bea carries herself like a star, its lazy to say she has the IT factor, but she does. Her body language and persona often remind me of peak Randy Orton. Wait, wait, wait! Thats a real compliment! Like ‘The Viper’ she just has the physical attributes and skills that show she is a top tier performer, Priestley oozes class and professionalism, her presence just feels a step in front of a lot of other performers. Decisive is the best way to describe her in ring style, there is very little wasted movement and she makes the most out of every strike. Bea is a very complete performer and from the moment she hits the stage is a strong presence who works the crowd with very little effort required.

The pair of competitors involved have great chemistry as Bea’s star quality and main event aura bounces off Nixon’s underdog persona exceptionally. Newell has a real talent for bringing the audience in, she builds sympathy almost without comparison and this match is a testament to her best work. The way she sells her leg in this fight is just great, very much reminding me of Trent Barreta in that although she is technically great at doing ‘moves’, her biggest strength is in her selling and ability to have the crowd buy into her as a lovable empathetic performer.

This match is only 8-10 minutes long, but really packs in the action, diving into a fast pace with a tope suicida and a Sabu style thrown chair in the early moments, It thrashes along and really packs in big spots in its short runtime, it does this by basing multiple moments around the same element, imaginatively using a chair in several different ways, which as well as being a practical device in a quick paced match like this, actually works to improve the structure of the bout, by providing a coherent theme that makes it really easy for you to buy into.

As a showcase of both wrestlers strengths this Last Woman Standing match is a great introduction for both performers and is a relevant look at two of British Wrestlings most exciting stars.

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