Match of the Week: Colt Cabana vs Orange Cassidy (Beyond Wrestling – #feastchampionshipwrestling)

The best thing about the hyper successful Beyond Wrestling (over 1.2 Million followers on Youtube) is the sheer volume of great matches and content they make available for free. This show was done in conjunction with Feast Sandwich Company and what could sound like a better idea than a wrestling show, outside, with a sandwich company involved.

I’m a fan, they’ve had some fantastic matches, there were two belters in particular at Americanrana 2018 that are really worth your time. The whole show is available for free on youtube. The matches I refer to are Joey Janela vs David Starr in a furious No Rope Barbed Wire match and a hell of an entertaining tag match pitting Team Tremendous against the Beaver Boys, Massage Force and the Gentleman’s Club.

Gentlemen’s Club brings us to Orange Cassidy, quite simply put one of the greatest and most entertaining wrestlers I have ever seen. Kaufman-esque is a thing people love to throw around at anyone who seems a little too left of centre or outside of the normal trends, but the only performer it really applies to is ‘Freshly Squeezed’ Orange Cassidy.

The laziest man in professional wrestling, he is simultaneously the easiest wrestler to understand and the hardest wrestler to explain. So, I won’t… cos thats probably what he would do, baybee! What grips my core the most is the refreshing take on putting humour into a match. Rather than wrestle and sprinkle some sweet comedy bits into the match. He is a fully formed personality which means the audience can instantly be entertained, as there is no ‘oh wait we’re watching a comedy match’ gear shift. The moments in the match often result in him reacting or trying to deal with his opponent as opposed to ‘throwing a spanner in the works’ and watching the resulting fall out.

Wrestlers like Cassidy scare me a bit, in a world where everyone is using their real name and talking about their schedules from the third person, he’s not. The man is both a complete throwback to the past and a postmodern exploration of what wrestling is. Mainly, he’s really really fucking cool though and thats also pretty important.

Colt Cabana is basically a legend at this point, the indie pioneer and frontrunner of the modern American Indy wrestling scene can turn his hand to anything. As well as wrestling, I really think he’s doing a cracking job on commentary for ROH. I’ve watched so much of Colt’s stuff and he always manages to do something fresh, his obsession with comedy and his ability to adapt means that he can be both the straight man and the funny man, something that this match allows him to play with perfectly.

The whole match is structured around a can of beer. Its 8 minutes of thrilling entertainment and its based around a can of beer. Cassidy wants the beer and Colt wants to wrestle. It takes the audience through the tropes of a typical indy wrestling match with the shifted dynamic of Cassidy trying not to spill any of his can throughout the match. This sounds like relatively little, but the star quality of the two wrestlers really pushes it to another level. Theres an arm drag with someone holding a beer and nothing is split. For christ’s sake, thats amazing!

The way the two move around the ring and stay tied to the same story is great, there are no breaks or switch ups to jolt or jog the crowd, they are in this one from minute one. This isn’t simply a viral video or a moment to break up the show, its a genuinely heartwarming and smile giving match which can lift your mood after a crap day.  The best matches are the ones you can go back to and this is one I have seen several times since it was put online, before I even thought about writing this piece. If a wrestling mixtape was a thing, this would be my jam, the one track you know everyone is going to sing along to.

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Beyond Wrestling have a youtube channel and their latest events appear on VOD, links below:

Cheers and have a nice whatever time of day it is when you read this.

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