Insane Championship Wrestling ‘France ’99’ FULL Results

The following results are from Insane Championship Wrestling ‘France ’99‘ at The Garage in Glasgow, Scotland on December 1st, 2018:


Kieran Kelly defeated Leyton Buzzard by pinfall.

Just Justice Jackie Polo entered to tell Lionheart that even though people want to see his hand raised he will be facing Scotland’s best wrestler at Fear & Loathing.

Mark Coffey defeated Dickie Divers by pinfall.

Joe Hendry defeated Ravie Davie by pinfall.

Joe Hendry called out Mikey Whiplash and told him that Mikey was his mentor at Source Wrestling and tomorrow he wanted a wrestling match and not a death match. Whiplash responded by saying that everything he does is for the people and for ICW.

RUDO Sports & Entertainment Brand (Red Lightning, Kenny Williams, Joe Coffey, Iestyn Rees & Bram) defeated Bad Company (Wolfgang, BT Gunn, Krobar & Stevie James) & Aaron Echo by pinfall.

I Quit Match – Aivil defeated Kasey

Mikey Whiplash defeated Kez Evans by pinfall.

Andy Wild entered to make an open challenge. Mark Dallas followed and told Andy that no one would face him because no one respected him. Lionheart entered to take up the challenge.

Lionheart defeated Andy Wild by pinfall.

Lionheart shook Wild’s hand and told him that he respected him.

The Filthy Generation (Aspen Faith, Lewis Girvan & Kay Lee Ray) defeated Mark Haskins, Jimmy Havoc & Viper w/Vicky Haskins by pinfall.


Our thanks to Martin Alexander for the results from the event.