Wrestlezone ‘Halloween Hijinks 2018’ FULL Results


The following results are from Wrestlezone’s ‘Halloween Hijinks’ event at the Kincorth Community Centre in Aberdeen on October 27th, 2018:


VIP Ticker Holder Bonus Match – The Outfit (Dino Del Monte & Ted O’Keefe) defeated Ryan Riley & Blue Thunder by pinfall.

Dog Collar Match – Crusher Craib defeated Scotty Swift by pinfall.

William Sterling returned during the match but made it clear that he and Crusher are no longer alligned.

Alan Sterling w/Calen Valhalla defeated Kaden Garrick by pinfall.

Damien defeated Irving Garrett by pinfall.

Kenny Williams defeated Jason Reed w/Agent W by pinfall.

WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship – Triple Threat – Zach Dynamite w/Bradley Evans defeated Andy Wild and Dickie Divers by pinfall to retain the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship.

After the match, a fan took off their mask to reveal themselves as Mr P who attacked Dynamite and Evans.

WrestleZone Tag Team Championships – Halloween Brawl – The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) defeated The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) by pinfall to win the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships. **NEW CHAMPIONS**


Our thanks to Wrestlezone for the results from the show.