3 Count Wrestling ‘Darkest Deeds’ FULL Results

The following results are from 3 Count Wrestling Darkest Deeds at The Borough Hall in Hartlepool, England on September 30th, 2018:


Joseph Conners defeated* Martin Kirby by pinfall.

*During the match, Nathan Cruz interfered on behalf of Joseph Conners.

3CW North East Championship – Benji defeated Prince Ameen by pinfall to retain the 3CW North East Championship.

Adam “Shreddy” Foster defeated* Nathan Cruz by pinfall.

*During the match, Joseph Conners interfered on behalf of Nathan Cruz only for Martin Kirby to then aid Adam Foster.

Conor Renshaw defeated Joseph Biggs by pinfall.

The scheduled 3CW Tag Team Championship match between H.T Drake, Satchel Jones and the reigning champions, Sons Of The Damned never began after Rory Coyle and Dragon Aisu attacked the referee, ringside crew and cameraman before a fight broke out and a video from Rory Coyle gave no clues to the whereabouts of Little Miss Roxxy.

Latin Darkness Casket Match – “The Mexican Sensation” El Ligero defeated Dara Diablo.


Our thanks to 3 Count Wrestling for the results from the event.