Insane Championship Wrestling ‘Bravehearto’ FULL Results

The following results are from Insane Championship Wrestling ‘Bravehearto‘ at The Garage in Glasgow, Scotland on September 23rd, 2018:


Billy Kirkwood introduced his commentary partner for the evening, The Wee Man.

Aspen Faith interrupted Chris Renfrew’s birthday bash, Lewis Girvan attacks The New Age Kliq from behind, stapling a sign saying “Happy Birthday” to Renfrew’s chest and arm.

Renfrew challenged The Kings of Catch to a chairs match in two weeks.

Kez Evans defeated Kay Lee Ray by pinfall.

Viper appeared and challenged Kay Lee Ray at The Hydro. Ray declined again but Mark Dallas entered and made the match official for Fear & Loathing XI.

Iestyn Rees defeated Sha Samuels by pinfall.*

*Rees attempted to hit Samuels with a chair, Jack Jester grabbed the chair and tried to hit Rees but hit Samuels instead.

Red Lightning offered Aaron Echo a RUDO Sports & Entertainment Brand contract, before Echo could answer Red said he noticed a mistake and tore up the contract. Kenny Williams attacked Echo and gave him a low blow.

Lionheart defeated Adam Maxted by pinfall.

Joe Coffey defeated Mikey Whiplash by pinfall.

Mark Dallas told Whiplash that the world is evolving and that he will see sense one way or another. Joe Hendry appeared and attacked Whiplash.

Good Housekeeping Volume 2 – Liam Thomson defeated Wolfgang by pinfall to win his sink back.

The Fite Network (Lou King Sharp & Krieger) defeated The Purge (Stevie James & Krobar) by pinfall.

The Purge brawled after the match.

ICW Zero G Championship – Mark Coffey defeated Aaron Echo by pinfall to retain the ICW Zero G Championship.

Kenny Williams, Iestyn Rees, Joe Coffey & Red Lightning attacked Aaron Echo & Mark Coffey after the match. Joe Coffey announced that it will be brother versus brother at The Hydro for the Zero G Championship.

Joe Hendry defeated Grado by pinfall.

ICW World Heavyweight Championship – Just Justice Jackie Polo w/Coach Trip defeated DCT by TKO to win the ICW World Heavyweight Championship. **NEW CHAMPION**


Our thanks to Martin Alexander (@MartinXander3) for the results from the event.