Pro Wrestling Ulster ‘Wrestival 2018’ FULL Results

The following results are from Pro Wrestling Ulster Wrestival 2018 at S13 in Belfast, Northern Ireland on September 2nd, 2018:


Triple Threat – Bobbi Diamond defeated Young Lion and Prento by pinfall.

Six-Person Tag Team – The Enterprise (Luke Cullen & Liam Royale) & Raven Creed defeated Flight Mode (Axl Jeffries & Matt Skylar) & Skye James by pinfall.

Taggy McTagTeam (Justy & Darren Kearney) defeated Club Rock Shandy (Martin Steers & Clayton Long) by pinfall.

Rocky Starr defeated Chris Renfrew by pinfall.

Debbie Keitel defeated Jokey by pinfall.

PWU All Ulster Championship – Michael May defeated Dmitri Krakovic by pinfall to retain the PWU All Ulster Championship.

Luther Valentine defeated Nathan Byrne by pinfall.

Nightmare Edition (Nightmare & JDP) defeated New School (LJ Cleary & Nathan Martin) by pinfal.

PWU Women’s Championship – Lady Valkyrie defeated Lauren La Roux by pinfall to win the PWU Women’s Championship. *NEW CHAMPION*

PWU Championship – Tucker defeated Tim Steed by pinfall to win the PWU Championship. *NEW CHAMPION*


Our thanks to Irish Wrestling News (@IrishWrestling2) for the results from the event.