Wrestling Experience Scotland ‘Five Pound Wrestling’ FULL Results

The following results are from Wrestling Experience Scotland ‘Five Pound Wrestling‘ at The Asylum in Glasgow, Scotland on August 19th, 2018:


Leyton Buzzard defeated Stevie James by pinfall.

Charlie Vyce defeated Ryan King by pinfall.

Wolfgang defeated Liam Thompson by pinfall.

Paxxo defeated Krobar by pinfall.

Stevie James attacked Paxxo after the match, Leyton Buzzard made the save. Krobar challenged Buzzard and Paxxo to a tag team match on October 5th.

Eli Bulwark defeated Soldato by pinfall.

A masked man entered attacked Soldato. He revealed himself as Austin Osiris. Danny Cantrell appeared to save Soldato but joined in on the attack.

Handicap Match – Team RUDO (The Sam Barbour Experience, Thatcher Wright & Kez Evans) defeated Cousin Zander by pinfall.

Team RUDO attacked Zander after the match. Wolfgang made the save, Red Lightning challenged him to a match on October 5th.


Our thanks to Martin Alexander and Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet for the results from the event.