Reckless Intent Wrestling ‘Live In Twechar’ FULL Results

Reckless Intent

The following results are from Reckless Intent Wrestling’s event at the Twechar Healthy Living Centre in Twechar, Scotland on August 18th, 2018:


Jack Morris and Dickie Divers came to the ring to start the show. Morris announced that he would no longer be taking on Chris Renfrew as he had a photo shoot the next day and didn’t want anything to happen to his face.

Dickie Divers w/Jack Morris defeated Theo Doros by pinfall.

Divinity (Delsin Dayre, Brandon Adams & Justin Deed) defeated Bear & Beers (Jam O’Malley & Jarek Nowak) & Jonathan Richards by pinfall.*

*Jonathan Richards turned on Jarek Nowak to cost his team the win. Brandon Adams pinned to Nowak to win the RI Hardcore Championship under the 24/7 rule. **NEW CHAMPION**

Chris Renfrew made an open challenge to anyone to take him on for the RI UK Championship which was answered by Michael Chase.

RI UK Championship – Chris Renfrew defeated Michael Chase by pinfall to retain the RI UK Championship.

Xero defeated Rob Mills by pinfall.

Triple Threat – Ayesha Raymond defeated Kirsty Love & Samara by pinfall.

RI Tag Team Championship
David Devlin & Kieran Kelly defeated Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) to win the RI Tag Team Championships. **NEW CHAMPIONS**


Our thanks to Reckless Intent Wrestling for the results from the event.