IPW United Kingdom ‘Run The Gauntlet’ FULL Results

The following results are from IPW United Kingdom Run The Gauntlet at Unit Nine in Milton Keynes, England on August 1st, 2018:


The show began with Jack Sexsmith coming to the ring and apologising to Rob Sharpe for his actions at the last Rochester event. Rob Sharpe came to the ring and Jack Sexsmith offered to turn his back so that Sharpe could hit him with a steel chair. Rob Sharpe declined and both men hugged. The Anti-Fun Police then appeared and stated they were coming for the IPW Tag Team Championship.

IPW Prospects – Andreas Corr defeated Kit Knox by submission.

IPW Z-Force Championship – Maverick Mayhew defeated Kurtis Chapman by pinfall to retain the IPW Z-Force Championship.

IPW United Kingdom owner, Billy Wood came to the ring and called out Jonny Storm. He told Storm that he was sick of what he had been doing recently and that he was in the gauntlet match, would enter at number one and if he didn’t win, he would be gone from IPW United Kingdom for six months.

International Super 8 Qualifier – Gauntlet* – Chris Ridgeway won the gauntlet to qualify for the International Super 8 tournament.

*Gauntlet Entry Order: Jonny Storm, *Unconfirmed*, Mike Bird, Adam Maxted, James Castle, Cieran Donnelly, Chris Ridgeway, Fraser Thomas, Martin Kirby.

“Battle Tested” Rob Lynch defeated The Great O-Kharn by pinfall.

IPW Tag Team Championship – The Anti-Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr) defeated The Filthy Club (Jack Sexsmith & Rob Sharpe) by pinfall* to win the IPW Tag Team Championship. *NEW CHAMPION*

*During the match, Jack Sexsmith turned on Rob Sharpe.

Following the match, Jack Sexsmith attacked Rob Sharpe repeatedly with a steel chair.

IPW World Championship – “Superbad” Kip Sabian defeated “The Product” David Starr by pinfall to retain the IPW World Championship.


Our thanks to Paul R Knighton for the results from the event.