Insane Championship Wrestling ‘Shug’s Hoose Party 5: Night Two’ FULL Results

The following results are from Insane Championship Wrestling Shug’s Hoose Party 5: Night Two at the O2 Academy in Glasgow, Scotland on July 29th, 2018:

Mark Dallas kicked off the show to announce that he was having a night off and introduced Jeff Jarrett, Jarrett stated that coming to ICW was one more thing off his bucket list.

Kez Evans defeated ‘The Oddity’ BT Gunn by pinfall.

Lionheart entered and told everyone that he will be challenging the ICW World Heavyweight Champion at Fear & Loathing XI.

The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) defeated The Hunter Brothers (Jim Hunter & Lee Hunter) by pinfall.

Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan wanted to know where their title match is and that they are better than every tag team in ICW. Chris Renfrew entered and challenged Girvan and Faith to a tag team match at the next ICW event at The Garage.

Four contestants from Rogue To Wrestler were introduced. Thatcher Wright interrupted them and got beaten down.

Andy Wild defeated “The Phoenix” Jody Fleisch by pinfall.

Jeff Jarrett entered and was interrupted by ‘Just Justice’ Jackie Polo. Jackie Polo said that you shouldn’t meet your heroes. Then asked Jeff Jarrett how it felt to meet him. Jeff Jarrett then informed Jackie Polo that he was going to book his opponent… Grado.

Grado defeated “Just Justice” Jackie Polo by pinfall*.

*During the match, Jackie Polo attempted to use Jeff Jarrett’s guitar on Grado but was stopped by Jarrett who then used it on Polo.

Aaron Echo defeated Jeff Cobb by pinfall.

Mikey Whiplash came to the ring and stated that he wanted to create another moment. Rudo Lightning then came to the ring. He told Mikey Whiplash that he had waited 5 years to avenge his loss to him and that he should join Rudo Entertainment. Mikey Whiplash responded that as tempting as that was, “We are Legion.” Iestyn Rees and Bram then attacked Mikey Whiplash until Ravie Davie attempted to come to his aid but was attacked by James Storm.

Texas Death Match – “The Cowboy” James Storm defeated Ravie Davie by pinfall.

Following the match, Joe Hendry and Leyton Buzzard came to the ring. Joe Hendry said that the previous night had got him thinking… then he ordered Leyton Buzzard to hit Ravie Davie with a steel chair. Leyton Buzzard reluctantly did.

ICW Women’s Championship – Triple Threat – “The Vixen Of Violence” Viper defeated “Session Moth” Martina and Kasey by pinfall to retain the ICW Women’s Championship.

ICW World Heavyweight Championship – Loser Leaves The UK – “The International Sex Hero” DCT defeated Stevie Boy by pinfall to win the ICW World Heavyweight Championship. As per the stipulation, Stevie Boy must now leave the UK. *NEW CHAMPION*


Our thanks to Martin Alexander (@MartinXander3) for the results from the event.