Alpha Omega Wrestling UK ‘Vendetta 2018’ FULL Results

The following results are from Alpha Omega Wrestling UK Vendetta 2018 at The Carleton in Morecambe, England on July 28th, 2018:


The scheduled match between E-Bomb and Andre Dekker became Andre Dekker vs Craig Kollins after E-Bomb could not be found prior to the match.

Craig Kollins defeated Andre Dekker by disqualification after Dekker hit Kollins on the back of the head with a glass bottle after BB dragged out an unconscious E-Bomb and Kollins went to his aid.

Alpha Omega Tag Team Championship – Big Sexxxy (Sexy Kev & Hornee Shaunee) defeated Jynkz & David Alistair by pinfall* to retain the Alpha Omega Tag Team Championship.

*Jynkz’s original partner, Craig Kollins was unable to compete against Andre Dekker’s attack thus Jynkz faced Big Sexxxy alone for the majority of the match until David Alistair appeared and tagged himself in.

Following the match, Hornee Shaunee agreed to give Jynkz a rematch at Golden Chance if he can find a partner he can trust.

If Rick Markus Wins, He Faces Mr Williams – 2-on-1 Handicap – Rock Markus defeated The Student Union (Freddy & Jack) by pinfall.

Following the match, Rick Markus decided he would face Mr Williams in a Loser Leaves Morecame match. Mr Williams then attacked Rick Markus from behind and challenged him to have the match right there.

Loser Leaves Morecambe – Rick Markus defeated Mr Williams by pinfall*. As per the stipulation, Mr Williams is now gone from Alpha Omega Wrestling UK.

*During the match, Lucy Sky ordered The Sudent Union to leave with her.

Alpha Omega Women’s Championship – Triple Threat – Jennie B (w/ Jackie B) defeated Alexxis Falcon and Jami Sparx by pinfall* to retain the Alpha Omega Women’s Championship.

*The match originally ended with a double pinfall on Jennie B. However the match was restarted to determine one winner.

“Fantastic” Matt Fox defeated Tu Byt by pinfall*.

*During the match, Mark Meltzer began his entrance for his match, portraying the Undertaker.

Jackie B (w/ Jennie B) defeated Mark Metlzer by pinfall*.

*Jennie B tripped Mark Metlzer before holding his leg, preventing him from kicking out of a pinfall from Jackie B.

Following the match, Evil Lewis announced that Jennie B would defend the Alpha Omega Women’s Championship against Alexxis Falcon and Jami Sparx at Golden Chance with Jackie B banned from ringside. If Jackie B got involved, he would be fired and Jennie B would be stripped of the championship. Crater then returned to Alpha Omega Wrestling UK before announcing “Wishart. Golden Chance. You’re dead.”

Alpha Omega Championship – Ryan Hunter defeated Dyland Robers by pinfall to retain the Alpha Omega Championship.

Following the match, Andre Dekker came out and stated he would be winning the Golden Chance Rumble and would cash-in his win on Ryan Hunter immediately. Rick Markus and many other members of the Alpha Omega Wrestling UK roster staked their claim the to Golden Chance Rumble until a fight broke out. Crater then reappeared and threw everyone from the ring before handing Ryan Hunter the Alpha Omega Championship and leaving.


Our thanks to Alpha Omega Wrestling UK for the results from the event.