Fight Club: PRO ‘Big Strong Bois’ FULL Results

The following results are from Fight Club: PRO Big Strong Bois at the Starworks Warehouse in Wolverhampton, England on July 27th, 2018:


Team Whitewolf (Adam Chase & A-Kid) defeated Arrows Of Hungary (Icarus & Dover) by pinfall.

Following the match, CCK, WALTER and Kyle Fletcher came to the ring and attacked Team Whitewolf. Arrows Of Hungary attempted to come to Team Whitewolf’s aid but were also attacked. CCK, WALTER and Kyle Fletcher then issued an open challenge as it was disrespectful to the “Fight Club: PRO Champion” not to be booked when people like Team Whitewolf and Arrows Of Hungary were. The open challenge was answered by Travis Banks.

Kyle Fletcher defeated Travis Banks by pinfall*.

*Kid Lykos interfered during the match, contributing to Kyle Fletcher’s win.

Fatal 4-Way – El Phantasmo defeated NIWA, Angelico and MK McKinnan by pinfall.

Fight Club: PRO Infinity Trophy – “The Ring General” WALTER defeated “The Big O” Omari by pinfall to win the Fight Club: PRO Trophy.

Following the match, WALTER spat on the Fight Club: PRO Trophy, stamped on it then threw it out the ring.

Jeff Cobb defeated “The Killer Import” Jordan Devlin by pinfall.

Following the match, Jeff Cobb showed his respect to Jordan Devlin.

Fight Club: PRO Tag Team Championship – 4-Way Elimination* – #CCK (Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos) defeated TMDunk (Jonah Rock & Mark Davis), Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) and BrusierM8s (Millie McKenzie & Pete Dunne) to win the Fight Club: PRO Tag Team Championship**. *NEW CHAMPION*

*Elimination Order:

  • BrusierM8s (Millie McKenzie & Pete Dunne)
  • Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate)
  • TMDunk (Jonah Rock & Mark Davis)

**During the match, WALTER and Kyle Fletcher interfered, taking out the referee and Martin Zaki, who tried to stop CCK. Jonah Rock attempted to help Martin Zaki but was attacked by Mark Davis with a steel chair. Mark Davis then threw #CCK on to Jonah Rock for the win.


Our thanks to Dylan Shah (@DylanShah) and Tom Pratt (@tomfury2020) for the results from the event.