Kamikaze Pro ‘Live 13’ FULL Results

The following results are from Kamikaze Pro’s event at The Cadbury Club in Bournville, Birmingham, England on July 21st, 2018:


Lee Hunter defeated Jack Carny by pinfall.

The Elliott Jordan Experience defeated Jim Hunter by pinfall.

Sean “The LAD” Devine defeated Harley Faith by pinfall.

Hammer Heeley defeated Mark Clarkeward by pinfall.

Chantal Jordan defeated Dave Scott Preston by pinfall.

Man Like DeReiss defeated Kenny Killbaine by pinfall.

“The Badman” Marshall X defeated “The Modern Day Marvel” Alan Carter by pinfall.

Kamikaze Pro Live Championship – “21st Century Hero” Luke Douglas defeated White Tiger by pinfall to retain the Kamikaze Pro Live Championship.

Kamikaze Rumble Roulette – Man Like DeReiss won the Kamikaze Rumble Roulette.


Our thanks to Alan Carter (@Al_Carter87) for the results from the event.