The Write-Up: NORTH Wrestling ‘The Storm Is Here’

by Zoe Miskelly (@zimiskel)


The following results are from NORTH Wrestling The Storm Is Here at the Riverside in Newcastle, England on July 14th, 2018:


Six-Person Tag Team – England’s Hardest Men (Shreddy Brek & Lou Nixon) & Little Miss Roxxy vs The Landed Gentry (Benji & Zeo Knox) & Shax

This match held probably the most storyline intrigue for fans, due to the unfair advantage the Gentry had held in the previous show due to bribing ref John Myers. With his brief absence, a revenge storyline was basically sure to happen – and so it did, in spectacular fashion.

If the main event didn’t prove women and men are capable of wrestling against each other, this match certainly did, with a particularly brilliant spot where Shreddy threw Roxxy into their opponents. The whole thing had the atmosphere of a fighting arcade game, it was that well-timed and well executed. Roxxy is a cornerstone of good women’s wrestling, and so seeing her apply that into new situations is never not exciting.

TK Cooper vs Spike Trivet

In a suitably energetic match, Spike and TK’s match served as the wrestling equivalent of convincing the audience to eat a box of pixie sticks. Mid-card matches that aren’t following the ‘main storyline’ can often suffer from a lack of energy – both on the part of the crowd and the wrestlers – so a dynamic mid-match is always a sure sign of a good show. The two work incredibly well together, with a shared blend of comedy timing and athletic grapples only enhanced by the other. Best match done by a guy in short dungarees, if not one of the better NORTH matches point-blank.    

NORTH Wrestling Championship #1 Contender – Fatal 4-Way – Nathan Cruz vs Robbie X vs H.T Drake vs Eddie Dennis

Robbie X is probably the most underrated wrestler in the indie circuit right now, and this was only proved further by his match against Dennis, Cruz, and Drake. There’s an unexpected lightness to him, which gives him an almost supernatural ability to do flips and jumps that just don’t seem possible. It doesn’t hurt things that the other three sell opponents as well as they wrestle; very, very well.

Both Cruz and Dennis have been signed by big names – World of Sport and WWE respectively – and the sheer physicality of them makes there no question as to why. That said, Drake and Robbie showed equal talent, proving all four more than capable of a fierce grapple.

Russian Rules Open Challenge – Chris Renfrew vs Boris Koslov

Channelling their inner Stone Cold, the wrestling pair decided to take on the only thing Newcastle loves more than wrestling: booze. After the drinking competition turned back into a wrestling match, both men managed to both appear drunk and wrestle well, which is impressive at the absolute least. The issue with storylines is that when difficult angles show up they can interfere with the wrestling, and so it is a testament to their prowess that the match felt crisp at the same time.

Any match that includes kayfabe drinking is worth its weight in gold, and this was that and then some.

Triple Threat Tag Team – The Super Brotheys (Kip Sabian & Amir Jordan) vs Team Whitewolf (Adam Chase & A-Kid) vs Anti-Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr)

Given the star-studded cast, it should come as no small surprise that this match proved absolutely insane. Amir and Kip are basically NORTH’s answer to Breezango (minus some of the stylishness), and Dunne continues to make a character that could easily prove annoying genuinely funny and entertaining. The six-man match proved more rapid and fluid than any six people should be capable of being with each other, and the customary post-match dance session was more than deserved.

NORTH Wrestling Championship – Rory Coyle vs “Session Moth” Martina

In true form, the Rory vs. Martina match proves how much good characters can enhance a match, with Martina’s hilarious antics perfectly contrasting Coyle being characteristically terrifying. Martina’s ability to interact with a crowd is nothing short of amazing, making it all the more interesting that folks still chanted for their Sick Boy and local champion, Rory Coyle. This was the first genuine women vs. Man match I’ve ever seen, and with the level of talent – both athletic and verbal – it showcased, I can honestly say I hope there are many more of its kind to come.

Also, the post-match interference of Liam Slater dressed as Coyle’s missing brother was a genius twist, setting up what is sure to be an even better next show.