Pro Wrestling Ulster ‘Live At The Compound 3’ FULL Results

The following results are from Pro Wrestling Ulster Live At The Compound 3 at the S13 Warehouse in Belfast, England on July 8th, 2018:


The Enterprise (Liam Royal & Luke Cullen) defeated Flight Mode (Axl Jeffries & Matt Skylar) by pinfall.

Skye James defeated Raven Creed by pinfall.

Martin Steers defeated Bobbi Diamond by pinfall.

CPWA Tag Team Warfare Qualifier – Mitch Baxter & Big James vs Lewis Alexander & Kevin Roberts was declared a no contest after interference from Nightmare Edition.

Six-Person Tag Team – Lauren La Roux & New School (LJ Cleary & Nathan Martin) defeated The Rocky Starr Experience (Lady Valkyrie, Kano & Dude Roadsville) by pinfall.

Tim Steed defeated Matt Grimshaw by submission.

Rocky Starr defeated Young Lion by pinfall.

Nathan Byrne defeated Prento by pinfall.


Our thanks to Pro Wrestling Ulster for the results from the event.