Wrestling Experience Scotland ‘Five Pound Wrestling’ FULL Results

The following results are from Wrestling Experience Scotland ‘Five Pound Wrestling‘ at The Asylum in Glasgow, Scotland on July 8th, 2018:


Stevie James w/Krobar defeated Paxxo by pinfall.

Jokey defeated Austin Osiris by disqualification.

Austin Osiris pretended to be knocked out with a chair causing Jokey to be disqualified but Red Lightning and referee Sean McLaughlin used VAR to reverse the decision.

Irving Garrett defeated Charlie Vyce by submission.

Leyton Buzzard defeated Krobar w/Stevie James by pinfall.

Paxxo dragged Stevie James to the back during the match.

Lionheart defeated Liam Thomson by pinfall.

Eli Bulwark defeated Ross Hauser by pinfall.

The Govan Team (Ravie Davie & Cousin Zander) defeated The Sam Barbour Experience & Thatcher Wright by pinfall.

General Manager Red Lightning suspended Ravie Davie after the match and placed Zander into a three on one handicap match on August 19th. SBX, Thatcher Wright and Kez Evans attacked The Govan Team.


Our thanks to Wrestling Experience Scotland & Louise Westie for the results from the event.