Riptide Wrestling ‘Riptide Rumble’ FULL Results

The following results are from Riptide Wrestling Riptide Rumble at the Brighthelm Centre in Brighton, England on June 1st, 2018:


Candyfloss defeated Chakara by pinfall.

Following the match, Cara Noir attacked Candyfloss.

Brighton Championship Tournament Qualifier – Money Vs Everybody Banned From Ringside – Spike Trivet defeated Mike Bird by pinfall to qualify for the Brighton Championship tournament.

Attack! Pro Tag Team Championship – Team Whitewolf (Adam Chase & A-Kid) defeated Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake) by pinfall to retain the Attack! Pro Tag Team Championship.

Money Vs Everybody (Chris Ridgeway & Damon Moser) defeated M&M (Maverick Mayhew & Connor Mills) by pinfall.

No Disqualification – Jinny defeated Jimmy Havoc by pinfall.

Following the match, Jimmy Havoc claimed that the Riptide Wrestling tag team division was fucked as himself and Jinny would be going for tag team championships.

Riptide Rumble* – Chuck Mambo won the Riptide Rumble.

*Entry Order:

  • Kurtis Chapman, Rhia O’Reilly, James Castle, Kip Sabian, Ryan Hendricks, Member Of Riptide Wrestling Security, Adam Chase, Connor Mills, Big T Justice, Los Federales Santos Jr, TK Cooper, Amir Jordan, Elijah, Ashley Dunn, Sierra Loxton, Drew Parker, Charlie Morgan (Attacked by Flash Morgan Webster who then entered), Chakara, Fraser Thomas, Wild Boar, Chuck Mambo, Gideon Grey, Lion Kid, Shax, Chief Deputy Dunne, Rob Lias, Viper, Roy Johnson, Pastor William Eaver, Zack Gibson.

Following the match, Eddie Dennis challenged Chuck Mambo to a match at International Waters.


Our thanks to Daniel Richardson (@gadget80) for the results from the event.