Attack! Pro Wrestling x Dragon Pro Wrestling ‘Thursday Night Throws #4’ FULL Results

The following result are from Attack! Pro Wrestling and Dragon Pro Wrestling’s Thursday Night Throws #4 at the Cathays Community Centre in Cardiff, Wales on May 17th, 2018:


Nico Angelo defeated “Bronco” Brendan White by pinfall.

“Dragon Heart” Danny Jones defeated Jay Jewel by submission.

The Anti-Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr) defeated Josh Holly & Reg by pinfall.

Splits McPins defeated Flynn Burden by pinfall.

Nothing To Prove (Elijah & Drew Parker) defeated Oliver Sudden & Elliot Hightower by pinfall.

Flash Morgan Webster defeated “Man Like” Beano by pinfall.


Our thanks to Phil Jones (@PhilJones77) for the results from the event.