Elevation ‘Trifecta’ FULL Results

The following results are from Elevation Trifecta at the Newbold Verdon Sports & Social Club in Leicester, England on April 27th, 2018:


Prior to the scheduled match between Saxon Huxley and White Tiger, Jordan Bendingo, JK Roberts & Stealth came out and claimed that Huxley and White Tiger were taking opportunities away from the “most talented” members of Elevation. Visage then appeared and claimed he couldn’t resist partnering with Saxon Huxley in a match. A six-man tag team match was then granted.

Six-Man Tag Team – Saxon Huxley, White Tiger & Visage defeated Jordan Bendingo, JK Roberts & Stealth by pinfall.

Elevation Women’s Championship – Harley Harris defeated Shauna Shay by count-out*. Shauna Shay retained the Elevation Women’s Championship.

*Shauna Shay was counted out after Kayj distracted the champion which allowed Harley Harris to push Shauna Shay into the steel ring post. Shauna Shay then failed to make it back into the ring before the referee’s 10-count.

Following the match, Harley Harris left with the Elevation Women’s Championship.

Ricky Alpha defeated Joshua by pinfall.

Formidable (Zak Northern & Brett Ryans) vs 4Ever Young (Tyler Owens & Antonio Gonzalez) ended in a no contest.

Elevation Tag Team Championship – Lucas Archer & White Tiger defeated The Savages (w/ Harley Harris) by pinfall to win the Elevation Tag Team Championship. *NEW CHAMPION*

Elevation Championship – Brady Phillips defeated Johnny Alpha by pinfall to win the Elevation Championship. *NEW CHAMPION*


Our thanks to Elevation for the results from the event.