Knockout Wrestling ‘Redemption’ FULL Results

The following results are from Knockout Wrestling Redemption at Cloud Nine in Barrow-in-Furness, England on April 28th, 2018:


KOW Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender – 4-Way Elimination* – Shaun Vasey defeated Ryan Hunter, Chris Ridgeway and Craig Kollins to become the #1 contender to the KOW Heavyweight Championship.

*Elimination Order:

  • Shaun Vasey eliminated Ryan Hunter
  • Craig Kollins eliminated Chris Ridgeway
  • Shaun Vasey eliminated Craig Kollins

KOW Showcase Championship – “Unhinged” Will Carter defeated “Greatest” Marc Morellis by pinfall* to retain the KOW Showcase Championship.

*During the match, Marc Morellis wanted Lucas Neon to hand him a kendo stick, Lucas Neon hesitated which allowed Will Carter to win.

Following the match, Rick Markus attacked Will Carter before putting him through the a table. Nightmare came to Will Carter and acting General Manager, Ethan Edwards announced the KOW Heavyweight Championship match would be a tables match.

“KOW Tag Team Championship” – Royal Justice (King Ryan Grayson & Sheriff Steele) defeated The Bench Bros (Seymour Gains & Big Joe) by pinfall to retain the “KOW Tag Team Championship”.

Following the match, Royal Justice issued an open challenge.

The Thuglife Open Challenge was answered by Marc Morellis and Tu Byt on behalf of Lucas Neon as a punishment for his actions earlier in the night.

Thuglife Open Challenge – Taylor West defeated Lucas Neon by pinfall.

Prior to the next match, Marc Morellis was ejected from ringside.

C.I. Clyne defeated Tu Byt by pinfall.

KOW Heavyweight Championship – Tables Match – Nightmare defeated* Rick Markus to retain the KOW Heavyweight Championship.

*The match was originally awarded to Rick Markus after Markus laid Nightmare on a broken table which he himself had gone through while the referee was down. Ethan Edwards reversed the decision after Will Carter protested and restarted the match.

Following the match, Ethan Edwards that the suspended A.L.P had requested time to speak followed by him being escorted to the ring by security. He issued a challenge to Nightmare to face his three-man team in an elimination six-man tag team match. If A.L.P’s team wins, A.L.P will be reinstated, Nightmare will surrender the KOW Heavyweight Championship and leave KOW forever. If Nightmare wins, A.L.P will step down as General Manager and leave KOW forever. Nightmare accepted the challenge. A.L.P revealed his team to be Taylor West, Rick Markus and Chris Ridgeway, who surrounded Nightmare and Will Carter only for Craig Kollins to come to their aid. Both teams fought with Nightmare’s coming out the victor.


Our thanks to the Knockout Wrestling for the results from the event.