4FW ‘Global Takeover 2018’ FULL Results

The following results are from 4FW Global Takeover 2018 at the MECA in Swindon, England on April 21st, 2018:


Jack Starz defeated Wild Boar by pinfall.

Chris Bronson defeated The Saint by pinfall.

Tiger Ali defeated Mega Pegasus by pinfall.

Saime Sahin & Iestyn Rees defeated JD Knight & Bram by pinfall.

4FW Tag Team Championship – 2-on-1 Handicap – The Bruisers defeated Jim Hunter by pinfall to win the 4FW Tag Team Championship. *NEW CHAMPION*

20-Man Rumble – Chris Bronson won the 20-man rumble.


Our thanks to 4FW Fans (@4FW_Fans) for the results from the event.