Alpha Omega Wrestling UK ‘War On The Shore 2018’ FULL Results

The following results are from Alpha Omega Wrestling UK War On The Shore 2018 at The Carleton in Morecambe, England on April 7th, 2018:


Alpha Omega Championship– King Ryan Grayson defeated Jynkz by pinfall to retain the Alpha Omega Championship.

Greg Lambert was inducted in the Morecambe Wrestling Hall Of Fame.

Triple Threat – “Fantastic” Matt Fox defeated Mark Meltzer and Tu Byt by pinfall.

Student Union (Jack & Freddy) defeated E-Bomb & Rick Markus by pinfall*.

*During the match, a video from Mr Williams played causing Rick Markus to become distracted. Lucky Sky then came into the ring and delivered a low-blow to Markus.

Golden Chance Trophy – Ryan Hunter defeated Soner Dursun by pinfall to retain the Golden Chance Trophy.

Alpha Omega Women’s Championship – Jennie B defeated Alexxis Falcon by pinfall* to win the Alpha Omega Women’s Championship. *NEW CHAMPION*

*Jackie B sprayed hairspray into the referee’s eyes prior to joining Jennie B in attacking Alexxis Falcon.

Alpha Omega Tag Team Championship – Big Sexxy (Sexy Kev & Hornee Shaunee) defeated Andre Dekker & David Alistair by pinfall to retain the Alpha Omega Tag Team Championship.

Following the match, Andre Dekker attacked David Alistair.

Last Man Standing – Craig Kollins defeated “BB”.

Following the match, Criag Kollins challenged Ryan Hunter to a match for the Golden Chance Trophy at Morecambe Mayhem. Both men shook hands.


Our thanks to Alpha Omega Wrestling for the results from the event.