Knockout Wrestling ‘Awakening’ FULL Results

The following results are from Knockout Wrestling Awakening at Cloud Nine in Barrow-in-Furness, England on March 10th, 2018:


KOW Showcase Championship – Will Carter defeated Tu Byt by pinfall to retain the KOW Showcase Championship.

Taylor West’s open challenge was unanswered. Taylor West stated he wanted revenge on Craig Kollins. Due to Chris Ridgeway being able to compete, KOW General Manager added Taylor West to the KOW Championship match.

KOW Showcase Championship #1 Contender – 4-Way Elimination* – Marc Morrellis defeated E-Bomb, C.I Clyne and Lucas Neon to become the #1 contender to the KOW Showcase Championship.

*Elimination Order:

  • E-Bomb
  • C.I Clyne
  • Lucas Neon

Prior to the scheduled match, Sheriff Steele revealed the “KOW Tag Team Championship” to King Ryan Grayson. KOW General Manager announced that the championship was not officially sanctioned but was unable to stop Steele and Grayson from defending their own property if they chose to.

“KOW Tag Team Championship” – Royal Justice (King Grayson & Sheriff Steele) defeated Andre Dekker & David Birch by pinfall to retain the “KOW Tag Team Championship”.

Shaun Vasey defeated Ryan Hunter by pinfall.

KOW Heavyweight Championship – Fatal 4-Way – Nightmare defeated Craig Kollins, Taylor West and Rick Markus by pinfall to retain the KOW Heavyweight Championship.

Following the match, KOW General Manager announced that Nightmare would defend the KOW Heavyweight Championship in a gauntlet match against the entire KOW roster at Redemption. The ring announcer then announced that A.L.P was being suspended until after Redemption due to his bias.


Our thanks to Knockout Wrestling for the results from the event.