Southside Wrestling ‘Raw Deal 7’ FULL Results

The following results are from Southside Wrestling Raw Deal 7 at The Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage, England on February 3rd, 2018:


The show began with SoCal Val bringing Gail Kim to the ring to watch a video of her peers wishing her the best for her retirement.

Southside Speed King Championship – Stevie Boy defeated Shax by pinfall to retain the Southside Speed King Championship.

Following the match, Stevie Boy attempted to attack Shax but was stopped by Roy Knight coming to the ring. Roy Knight was then attacked by Robbie X and Big Grizzly followed by GBH’s newest member, Dan Moloney.

Dan Moloney defeated Roy Knight by pinfall*.

*Dan Moloney was holding the ropes during the winning fall.

No Disqualification – Robbie X defeated Jimmy Jacobs by pinfall.

Big Grizzly defeated “The Cowboy” James Storm by pinfall*.

*Robbie X and Dan Moloney interfered in the match on behalf of Big Grizzly.

Following the match, GBH attacked James Storm until Roy and Ricky Knight Jr came to Storm’s aid. A video of Rosemary played where she challenged GBH to a Monster’s Ball match against Decay.

5-Way – Ricky Knight Jr defeated, Sean Kustom, Gabriel Kidd, “Dragon Heart” Danny Jones and “The Apex Of Agility” Andrew Everett by pinfall.

Triple Threat Tag Team – The 198 (Flash Morgan Webster & Wild Boar) defeated The Joseph Conners Experience feat Ligero (Joseph Conners & El Ligero) and The Hunter Brothers (Lee & Jim Hunter) by pinfall.

Following the match, The Hunter Brother refused to shake Joseph Conners and El Ligero’s hands before leaving. The 198 then returned and attacked Joseph Conners and El Ligero.

M.V.P defeated Bad Bones by pinfall.

Gail Kim’s Final Match – Gail Kim defeated Kasey Owens by pinfall.


Our thanks to Dave Green (@dagreeno) via ProWresLand (@ProWresLand) for the results from the event.