Alpha Omega Wrestling UK ‘Outbreak 2018’ FULL Results

The following results are from Alpha Omega Wrestling UK Outbreak 2018 at The Carleton in Morecambe, England on February 3rd, 2018:


Alpha Omega Tag Team Championship – Big Sexxxy (Sexy Kev & Hornee Shaunee) defeated HellBound (Andre Dekker & Barricade) by pinfall to win the Alpha Omega Tag Team Championship. *NEW CHAMPION*

Following the match, Barricade attacked Andre Dekker, who blamed Barricade for the loss. Barricade informed the commentary team on his plans the next time he saw Andre Dekker only for Dekker to smash a glass bottle over the back of Barricade’s head.

No Count-Out – “BB” defeated Craig Kollins by disqualification after Craig Kollins delivered a low-blow to “BB”.

Following the match, it was announced that Craig Kollins would face “BB” in a last man standing match at War On The Shore.

Rick Markus came to the ring and explained his recent injury. Mr Williams interrupted Rick Markus and began to verbally berate Rick Markus. As he was being berated two men attacked Rick Markus from behind. Mr Williams announced the men as Jack and Freddy, his Student Union and would help end Rick Markus’ career. Mr Williams came to the ring and attempted to use his naughty chair on Rick Markus’s injured leg but was stopped by E-Bomb and Mark Meltzer.

Alpha Omega Women’s Championship #1 Contender – Jennie B (w/ Jamie B) defeated Jami Saprx by pinfall* to become the #1 contender to the Alpha Omega Women’s Championship.

*During the match, Jamie B repeatedly interfered in the match until Alexxis Falcon came to ringside and slapped Jamie B. As the referee was distracted by the ringside altercation, Jennie B used hairspray on the eyes of Jami Sparx before the winning fall.

Golden Chance Trophy – Ryan Hunter defeated Robert Wishart by pinfall to retain the Golden Chance Trophy.

Winner Earns A Championship Match At ‘War On The Shore 2018’ – Jynkz defeated Jack & Freddy, TuByt, Mark Meltzer, Matt Fox and E-Bomb to earn a championship match at War On The Shore.

Following the match, King Ryan Grayson came to the ring with JJ and claimed that JJ not being with him at the last event was the reason he was attacked by Lewis Girvan. Kign Ryan Grayson then fired JJ before demanding the ring be cleared of all garbage, eluding to JJ and Jynkz.

Alpha Omega Championship – King Ryan Grayson defeated Lewis Girvan (w/ Bobby Roberts) by pinfall* to retain the Alpha Omega Championship.

*During the match, King Ryan Grayson goaded Bobby Roberts to get in the ring. As Lewis Girvan was distracted convincing Bobby Roberts not to enter the ring, King Ryan Grayson scored the winning fall via The Royal Decree.

Following the match, Jynkz reappeared as King Ryan Grayson tried to leave. Jynkz threw Grayson back into the ring before delivering The Bannockburn Buster followed by Bobby Roberts covering Grayson in the Scottish flag.


Our thanks to Alpha Omega Wrestling UK  for the results from the event.