Jayla Dark Interview – January 2018

Firstly, thank you for taking the time out your schedule to allow us to talk to you today. We’ve spoke before back in 2014 and a lot has changed for you since then. Most notable would be that you are now known Jayla Dark. Why the change of name?

Bete Noire was a name given to me long before I began wrestling, it actually stemmed from a joke by a friend, so when I made my debut and I was trying to settle on a name that would suit it just kind of fit. Over the past year I’ve made a lot of changes, I’ve learned a lot both inside and outside of wrestling and I feel like I’m a different person. So I decided to celebrate that change and show it in a more obvious way by saying goodbye to Bete and hello to Jayla.

Was Bete Noire ever a real person or was Jayla Dark always the real you?

I had been Bete Noire for the past 7 years and in that time I felt that I never really settled on who I was or how I wanted to portray myself. I spent a lot of time doing things and looking how I thought I should, basically trying to be more like other girls around the country. Not that I wasn’t doing much with it, I have two tours of Japan under my belt, but it wasn’t until I made the change and just started doing more of what I wanted to do and how I wanted to be that things began to feel more natural. I started to enjoy myself again, so I guess in a way, yeah, Jayla Dark is closer to the real me.

Photo Credit: Rob Brazier Photography

If you could name a few big differences between Jayla and Bete, what would they be?

As I said before, with Bete it never felt like something clicked. From what I was wearing in the ring to how I was moving to the things I was saying, I always felt like I was just slightly off the mark and it was frustrating. I feel like suddenly things have fallen into place, something has finally clicked. The main big difference is that you’ll notice how much more relaxed I am in that ring, I finally feel like I’m at home in there and not just someone giving it a go.

There are people in wrestling who I’ll always listen to and take their advice on board but sometimes following your gut instinct is the way to go. Your intuition is rarely wrong.

So if a person had never seen you, how would you describe Jayla Dark?

It’s a weird question to answer since I’m basically describing myself but at the same time describing someone different! Jayla likes to have fun, she only does things that will either work to her benefit or entertain her. When she climbs the turnbuckle and looks out over the audience, she’s basically looking for some cares to give and not finding any!

You first revealed your name change in a video for Pro-Wrestling:EVE which created quite a buzz among the EVE faithful, a buzz that has continued after a altercation with Erin Angel, of which didn’t end well for Erin and a notable match with Viper at Nasty Women. Was becoming Jayla Dark something that done by choice or did you have to change things up a bit and become darker?

I think I was ready for a shake up. Once people have a certain perception of who you are and how you are it can be hard to change their minds, especially when that perception is attached to a name. Becoming Jayla was my choice and it was like mentally wiping the slate clean. It was a way of showing people that it was a whole new me.

Photo Credit: Rob Brazier Photography

We’ve also seen you debut in Futureshock Wrestling and align yourself with Molly Spartan and more recently Kasey Owens to form The Queen Bees. How would you describe The Queen Bees to someone who hadn’t seen you and what are your aims?

The Queen Bees began when Molly Spartan decided she was sick of little girls like Lana Austin running all over Futureshock thinking she was the best in the country. The aim is to have complete control of the Futureshock women’s division. Simple as that.

In 2017, you have appeared in some familiar promotions such as Source and Fierce Females as well as some new promotions such as Discovery Wrestling, PCW Wrestling and Absolute Wrestling. What would you class as some of your favourite matches from this year?

I’ve had some brilliant matches in 2017 ! I’m really thankful to companies who I made my debut with this year, for them taking a shot with me. I hope to work with them again in the future. Getting in the ring with Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria) was something huge for me, she is someone that I watched growing up with wrestling so to work with her was a dream come true.

I love getting in the ring with Viper. We know each other so well and she’s someone whose opinion I respect so much so when we wrestle I really feel like I need to bring my A game. It was also great to work with newer girls like Miss Roxxy and Chakara. There’s some serious talent in the UK at the moment.

As we are now in 2018, what are your plans? Any chance of a return to Japan in the next year or so?

At the moment I’m still trying to work out details with Japan, we’re trying to get our dates to match up. I have a lot on in 2018 so it may or may not work out, we’ll just need to see but it’s one of my favourite places in the world. Nothing has given me so much clarity than being out in Japan.

My main goals are to build on what I’ve started this year. All the other distractions and plans that were taking priority in 2017 have now been and gone. Wrestling is my focus on 2018.

Photo Credit: David J Wilson

You’ve also expressed a desire to compete in North America. Is that still a goal you have?

Absolutely. There are companies and girls working in North America that I really want to learn from and to get that experience would be a massive tick off my bucket list!

Care to name a few promotions or wrestlers you’ve got your eye on across the pond?

I definitely would love to do Shimmer, RISE and  AWS. There’s so many girls out there who are crazy talented and I just want to soak up as much experience from them as possible. I’ve always wanted to tangle with Melanie Cruise and LuFisto.

Finally, does Jayla still like tea and what makes the perfect cup?

Jayla still LOVES a cup of tea! Perfect cup for me: Scottish blend tea bag, boiling water (has to be boiling), let it steep for a few minutes and splash of milk. The perfect cup of tea should be the colour of He-Mans face! Oh, and NO sugar!