HOPE Wrestling ‘FUTR 01’ FULL Results

The following results are from HOPE Wrestling FUTR 01 at the Shirebrook Welfare in Shirebrook, England on January 20th, 2018:


The show began with Hustle Malone calling out the absent Harvey Dale. He questioned the need for events focusing on the future when he was still a part of the present. Hustle Malone then called for the first opponent for his Evolution Challenge.

Evolution Challenge – Hustle Malone defeated Magic Myers by pinfall.

Bricklane (Shogun J & Owen Charles) defeated Battle Squad: Awesome (Danny Chase & Dave Andrews) by pinfall*.

*Bricklane used the Sacrifice Pro Tag Team Championship belts while the referee was incapacitated.

Following the match, Bricklane declared themselves as the tag team champions of FUTR as there were no current champions.

Ivy defeated Eliza Roux by pinfall.

HOPE: FUTR Championship Tournament Quarter-Final – Kyle Kingsley defeated “Chaos” Kai Payne by disqualification after Bricklane attacked Kyle Kingsley.

Following the match, Kai Payne claimed that he was already the FUTR champion and that the tournament needed him more than he needed it.

“Mean Machine” Mark Sanders defeated Twister by referee stoppage.

Following the match, Mark Sanders demanded a place in the FUTR Championship tournament or would continue to attack Twister. Acting GM, Jack Cave granted Mark Sanders a place in the tournament. Mark Sanders then delivered a powerbomb to Twister.

Sam Kenny defeated Will Kroos by pinfall.

HOPE: FUTR Championship Tournament Quarter-Final – Dave Deville defeated Brady Phillips by pinfall* to advance to the HOPE: FUTR Championship tournament semi-finals.

*Dave Deville’s bodyguard, Krieg attacked Brady Phillips prior to Deville’s win.


Our thanks to HOPE Wrestling for the results from the event.