Grand Pro Wrestling ‘Do Or Die’ FULL Results

The following results are from Grand Pro Wrestling Do Or Die at The Rose Club in Hindley, Wigan, England on November 24th, 2017:


Fast Track 4-Way – Joey Hayes defeated Rio, Matthew Brooks and Cyanide by pinfall.

Damon Leigh announced that he had been injured in the GPW Championship match at the last event. Isiah Quinn and his followers came to the ring and confronted Damon Leigh. Jimmy Jackson came to the aid of Damon Leigh.

Isiah Quinn defeated “Jumpin” Jimmy Jackson by pinfall.

Following the match, Sandy Beach came to the ring and challenge Jimmy Jackson to a match.

“Jumpin” Jimmy Jackson defeated Sandy Beach by pinfall.

GPW Tag Team Championship – Six-Man Tag Team Dumpster Match – The Bad Lads (Drill & Mickey Barnes & Big Joe) defeated Midnight Bin Collection (Ste Mann & Jet Fashion) & LA Austin to retain the GPW Tag Team Championship.

During the interval as Flash Morgan Webster was taking photos with fans, Sam Gradwell attacked him.

GPW Women’s Tournament Final – Lana Austin defeated Melanie Price (w/ Feelgood Media Ltd) by pinfall to win the GPW Women’s tournament.

GPW British Championship – Sam Gradwell defeated Flash Morgan Webster by pinfall* to retain the GPW British Championship.

*Sam Gradwell delivered a low blow to Flash Morgan Webster just prior to the win.

Prior to the GPW Championship match, Joey Hayes invoked his Fast Track 4-Way win the make the scheduled match a triple threat.

GPW Championship – Triple Threat – Dylan Roberts defeated Martin Kirby and Joey Hayes by submission to retain the GPW Championship.


Our thanks to BritWres Away Days (@BritWresAwayDay) for the results from the event.