The Big Bumper ICW Fear & Loathing X Preview, Predictions & Polls

November 19th 2017 | The SSE Hydro | Glasgow

Welcome to the big bumper preview and prediction post for Insane Championship Wrestling’s Fear & Loathing X event. We have previews(!), predictions(!), final thoughts(!), and polls(!) to get you in the spirit of Fear & Loathing X.

Once again we ask admins from both Only Scottish Wrestling and Wrestle Ropes plus we invited SportCentral to get involved to provide predictions for ICW’s biggest show of the year. A night that sees Kevin Nash overseeing the debuts of Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam when The SSE Hydro once again goes INSANE.

Along with the admin predictions, once again we have the polls open for you, dear reader, to have your say on who you think will come out victorious on November 19th.

The Kinky Party (Jack Jester & Sha Samuels) vs The Filthy Generation (Lewis Girvan & Aspen Faith)

The Kinky Party came out of nowhere and they have caused hilarity ever since. They have a bone to pick with Faith and Girvan, The Kings of Catch, since they decided to attack Samuels and Jester. This will be Aspen Faith’s first trip to The SSE Hydro with Girvan having the match of the year against Ricochet with Jester and Samuels being opponents last year in the big five on five bout.

“Kings Reign Supreme”Lewis Girvan

OSWtv (@OSWtvScotland): Can’t not pick my boys Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan to beat Jester and Samuels. I like both teams though, The Kinky Party look to be really starting to get some traction, a fun team with the devient Jester and the reluctant Sha make for the perfect odd couple but they are against Kings, The Kings of Catch in fact, The Filthy Generation, the filthiest team in Insane Championship Wrestling. It’s going to be a good one.

Wrestle Ropes (@WrestleRopes): Sometimes you get a duo like Jack Jester and Sha Samuels who should never ever work as a tag team. They are nothing alike yet they just work. They’re unorthodox at times but results speak for themselves. On the other hand you have a team like The Kings Of Catch. Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan could not be a more perfect fit as a team. For me, the winners of this contest will be The Kings Of Catch. That perfect match will be the key factor in this one for me and will be what ultimately gives Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan the win.

Adam (@AdamMorrison40): The Kings of Catch. The Kings of Catch are the best team in ICW and that is a fact. However, they need to start picking up a wins against bigger teams and that starts with The Kinky Party. Jester and Samuels are two of the more established names on the ICW roster, so it makes sense to give the win to the younger team in this occasion.

SportCentral (@_SportCentral): Jack Jester & Sha Samuels. As good as the King Of Catchs are, I don’t think they can stop Jack Jester, an ICW legend, and Sha Samuels at Fear & Loathing. Jack Jester is one of the best in the company, but expect carnage in this one.

The Fans

Kenny Williams vs Rey Mysterio

‘The Bollocks’ Kenny Williams has been a bit hard on himself this year, considering this one of the worst years of his career in ICW even with a one day reign as ICW Zero G Champion after defeating Zack Gibson in a ladder match at Shug’s Hoose Party night one, before losing it to BT Gunn on night two in an open challenge. He comes up against a bonafide legend in wrestling. Former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion and one of the premier cruiserweights to ever enter the ring, Rey Mysterio. Mysterio may not be as fast as he once was but a showdown between two absolute top crusierweights is a mouth watering contest that will have all eyes on the Hydro.

OSWtv (@OSWtvScotland): For the experience that Williams gives up he has speed, strength and two working knees. It will be cool to see that the legendary Rey Mysterio is in ICW but, after some quick back and forth we’ll see Kenny Williams step it up and grab a sweet victory and hopefully move into the Undisputed Championship picture as the guy has been busting his bollocks and his time is now to become a main eventer.

Wrestle Ropes (@WrestleRopes): This match is without doubt the biggest of Kenny Williams career. I mean it’s Rey Mysterio! He’s of the level that even some of the biggest stars in the world can’t claim to be. Kenny Williams has had one hell of a career so far with three ICW Zero-G Championship reigns to his name so far. He has earned a match with someone the level of Mysterio. I think Kenny could get the win here but I think Rey Mysterio will be the one who will be the one that does walk out of The Hydro but he’ll have to fight for it.

Adam (@AdamMorrison40): Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio is quite possibly the greatest flying wrestler of all time. After both he and Kenny Williams made it to the final 16 of WCPW’s Pro Wrestling World Cup, I was looking forward to seeing if they would face off but no luck. Now, ICW are making the match happen and I see The Master of the 619 getting the win.

SportCentral (@_SportCentral): Rey Mysterio. It is hard to bet against the incredible and phenomenal Rey Mysterio. He is going to have a tough match against Kenny Williams, but I can’t see the brilliant Mysterio, not coming out on top.

The Fans

Three Way Dance – Lionheart vs Rob Van Dam vs Zack Gibson

‘The Whole F’n F*nny’ vs ‘The Whole F’n Show’ vs ‘The A*se F’n Hole’, not sure if that’s the moniker for Zack Gibson but I’m running with it. A three way dance due to the late inclusion of ‘Liverpool’s numba one, soon to be ICW’s numba one’, Lionheart has been having his issues with Gibson as of late while Zack has been trying to either insert himself or replace Lionheart against Rob Van Dam which has drawn the ire of his fellow former ICW Zero G Champion. Former WWE and ECW Champion Van Dam hasn’t said anything and will be turning up in the middle of this clash the odd man out.

OSWtv (@OSWtvScotland): Honestly, a match I was underwhelmed about when it was announced but seeing Lionheart’s great character excelling moved this into the interested column. It’s not often that talent come into ICW from across the pond and win but I think, with some shenanigans, this will be a victory for Rob Van Dam. Colour me intrigued as to how this will play out though. The late inclusion of Zack Gibson isn’t changing my decision.

Wrestle Ropes (@WrestleRopes): When this match was originally Lionheart vs Rob Van Dam I was of the belief that Lionheart may be the winner of the match. With the inclusion of Zack Gibson… I’m still of that opinion. Now that’s not a slight on Gibson or Rob Van Dam. Both are amazing competitors but I don’t think the fire in Lionheart has ever been as big as it is right now. I think you could put as many people as you wanted in this match and Lionheart would still probably be the man I would choose as the victor.

Adam (@AdamMorrison40): Lionheart. The former Zero-G Champion has been on a tear this year, winning the hearts of fans following a loss to Joe Hendry at Shug’s Hoose Party. Originally scheduled as a singles match between The Dugfather and RVD, the addition of Zack Gibson makes for an interesting match. Despite that, I still see The Dugfather walking out of The Hydro with the win.

SportCentral (@_SportCentral): Rob Van Dam. This is a very tough one to decide, but RVD is a legend of the business. The outspoken Zack Gibson is going to be in a tough match, and Lionheart is an unbelievable competitor, but it has to be RVD in this one.

The Fans

#1 Contendership – Ladder Match – Aaron Echo vs DCT vs Bram vs Joe Hendry vs Kid Fite vs Jody Fleisch

The winner of this match will receive a Undisputed Championship match at the Square Go next year. Let’s break down the six current competitors in this thing:

DCT – The International Sex Hero has been quite quiet in ICW as of late after having Davey Blaze’s lips pressed up against his buttcheeks. No doubt that Coach Trip will have a strategy on the chalkboard to get DCT to the top of the ladder and land himself a place at the Square Go.

Jody Fleisch – The British legendary highflyer, Jody has been having fantastic matches in ICW lately showing that he is still the same phoenix as always flying with presistion.

Bram – The always controversal Bram might have his hands full if Ravie Davie defeats him the night before and also enters this bout. Since Bram pounded Davie’s face in back at Shug’s Hoose Party 4 there has been suspensions on both sides with Davie out to get his hands on ‘The King of All Evil’. Bram has held titles in NXT and in TNA/GFW/Impact but nothing in ICW and a win will put him straight in line for the Undisputed Championship at the Square Go next year. If there was anyone that would win purely to spite the fans in attendence it would be Bram.

Aaron Echo – The winner of the inagural GPWA Asylum Invitational Tournament, Aaron Echo has been waiting patiently to get a shot in ICW. He’s been in and out several times but rarely getting any traction going. A match like this, with his height possibly being a difference maker could see him cement his place in ICW.

Joe Hendry – The Prestigious One will no doubt have ‘Clayton’ Leyton Buzzard swarming around trying to satisfy his boss and gain him a chance at the Undisputed Championship. Hendry has all the capabilities to win this himself as he is an outstanding wrestler. A favourite to win for sure.

Kid Fite – The most consistant wrestler in the country, who will also have the numbers if his Fite Network comrades Krieger and Lou King Sharp are about. Fite has been a former tag team champion but has never held singles gold in ICW, he’s someone that should be watched carefully as he has a near unmatched craftiness to survive and win matches. Perhaps the dark horse in this bout.

Ravie Davie (?) – He could very well be in this match as he has the chance to be added if he gets past Bram the night before at France ’98. Would all his focus be on destroying the man that ruined his wedding?

OSWtv (@OSWtvScotland): Anyone but Bram eh, amarite lads? Ravie Davie will sort him out during the match I’m sure so that leaves five. I’d love to see Kid Fite win and go to the Sqaure Go! but my money is on The Prestigious Joe Hendry to grab the opportunity to face the Undisputed Champion next year. I really think 2018 will be the year that Joe Hendry finally grabs singles gold in ICW and for someone who considers himself prestigious, the only title that would be fitting would be the top prize.

Wrestle Ropes (@WrestleRopes): Who doesn’t love a ladder match? One of the few matches where more is better. I like the blend of established stars with a lot of experience and the younger stars who are really thirsty for opportunity. If I had to choose winner, I might go for Aaron Echo. Don’t really know why, I just think he might be the one.

Adam (@AdamMorrison40): Aaron Echo. Aaron Echo has deserved a big break for some time now and that time comes at Fear & Loathing X. The PBW Academy trainee is one of the most underrated talents on the scene today so I’ll be pulling for him to earn a shot at the Undisputed ICW Championship come next year’s Square Go!

SportCentral (@_SportCentral): Bram. The match is going to be awesome for a start, six of the best, but I think Bram will be the winner and become the number 1 contender. Bram is brilliant, but I feel Joe Hendry may be a wildcard and could win it, but I will stick with Bram.

The Fans

King of Insanity Deathmatch – Mikey Whiplash vs Stevie Boy vs Chris Renfrew vs Jimmy Havoc

A chaotic match line up with three names synonmous with death matches in the United Kingdom. Mikey Whiplash, Chris Renfrew and Jimmy Havoc have left a trail of blood on countless occasions on route to either victory or defeat. The final man to confirm his inclusion in this match hasn’t bleed as much but has cause plenty spilled in recent months, Stevie Boy. A match that promises to not be pretty, promises to be hard to watch and on a night in The Hydro it will be a night where a king is crowned.

OSWtv (@OSWtvScotland): You know what? Of all the names involved I’m going with Stevie Boy. With Whiplash, Renfrew and Havoc all out to maim, I’d like to see Stevie try and play this match a little smarter and avoid being soaked in a blood bath. Nothing would rile up a crowd more than coming out of a deathmatch without a mark on you while your opponents gush in a pool of red.

Wrestle Ropes (@WrestleRopes): I can see this match as being the one that everyone is talking about on Monday morning just for how truly mental it will be. If you’d had just two of these men in the match, it would be been mad, all four is beyond comprehension. As for a winner, I can’t honestly see a definitive winner. If pushed, I’d maybe go for Stevie Boy but anyone could be winning this.

Adam (@AdamMorrison40): Jimmy Havoc. Does it get more hardcore than Jimmy Havoc? He won this year’s CZW Tournament of Death. Point proven.

SportCentral (@_SportCentral): Stevie Boy. I am a huge fan of Stevie Boy, I think he is excellent and although he is against very good wrestlers including the amaizng Jimmy Havoc, I think Stevie Boy will win it in his own backyard.

The Fans

ICW Women’s Championship – Triple Threat – Steel Cage Match – Kasey vs Kay Lee Ray (c) vs Viper

A titanic steel cage match takes place at The SSE Hydro once again, this time for the ICW Women’s Championship. Two-time Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray defends against two former champions, the woman she beat, Kasey, and WWE Mae Young Classic semi finalist Viper who has had a very long history with the champion. The cage was brought in due to the manner of how Kay Lee won the title from Kasey following a shed load of interference from The Filthy Generation. A history making night and the first all women steel cage match in ICW history.

OSWtv (@OSWtvScotland): Of course there’s a steel cage, it’s the big show. It’s a tough one to call but I’m going to say Kasey. She really freshened up the division with defences against Jamie Winters and Little Miss Roxxy before main eventing Fight Club in a losing effort against Kay Lee Ray through a mire of interference. With Viper and Kay Lee really boosting their careers outside of ICW through America and Japan, I’d really like the new talent to be given an opportunity with Kasey leading the charge. It would create something new, a new era of women’s wrestling in ICW.

Wrestle Ropes (@WrestleRopes): This match will be a history maker itself purely just based on the fact, it’ll be the first female steel cage match in ICW. As for the winner, can’t see past Kay Lee Ray for it. Kasey and Viper are more than capable of winning the match but with Kay Lee Ray having The Filthy Generation, I can’t see them not ensuring her win even with the obstacle of a steel cage keeping the women in the ring.

Adam (@AdamMorrison40): Viper. With Viper recently competing in WWE’s Mae Young Classic and putting in a fantastic effort, I see her being signed full-time by the end of 2018. With that, I think she’ll get a second run with the title after her first reign only lasted two months.

SportCentral (@_SportCentral): Kay Lee Ray to retain. This is going to be an awesome match. It will be chaos, but Kay Lee Ray is on top of her game, and in my opinion, the UK’s best when it comes to women’s wrestling. She is dominant and will feel ready to jump into the steel cage.

The Fans

ICW Tag Team Championships – The Marauders (Mike Bird & Wild Boar) (c) vs Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey)

When Polo Promotions officially regained the ICW Tag Team Championships they looked unstoppable, they defeated Team 3D at last years event with ease and looked to be on their way to hit the magical 442 days as champions but at the Square Go in Newcastle it was cut short in, what many would consider, an upset at Wild Boar and Mike Bird scored the victory and the titles. Since then Coffey and Polo have been on a mission to get those titles back, beating some top teams in the progress while The Marauders have done everything in their power to stop it.

OSWtv (@OSWtvScotland): It has to be Polo Promotions right? The premier team in Scotland triumphing once again in The Hydro would be the beautiful end to this long fued. Last time they were in The Hydro they defeated Team 3D quite easily so the building is a good luck charm and home turf. Unless something truly crazy happens like the team imploding, it’s safe to say the boys will be adding another trophy to the cabinet.

Wrestle Ropes (@WrestleRopes): The Marauders has been dominant as champions since their win. Polo Promotions have been hunting them since that win. However, I think that The Marauders time as champions will be ending on November 19th as Polo Promotions have probably never been focused as they are currently.

Adam (@AdamMorrison40): The Marauders. The Welsh tandem have been near unstoppable since picking up the titles in February and I’m certain their reign will continue past The Hydro. After this, I see Polo Promotions going their separate ways with Polo being the one to snap.

SportCentral (@_SportCentral): The Marauders to retain. Two exceptional teams who have been on the big stage before and won. The Marauders will not want to let go of their ICW Tag Team Titles, but Polo Promotions will be a dangerous tag team alliance.

The Fans

ICW World Heavyweight Championship – ICW Zero G Championship – Joe Coffey (c) vs BT Gunn (c)

ICW World Heavyweight Champion vs ICW Zero G Champion. Joe Coffey vs BT Gunn. This match will crown an Undisputed Champion in Insane Championship Wrestling. Coffey, signed to RUDO Sports Entertainment Brand, has had a reign full of money matches with international stars but he comes up against someone who has been ICW since pretty much day one, the first triple crown winner in ICW history, BT Gunn. The only championship in ICW that has been outwith his possession is the ICW WORLD Heavyweight Championship having held the title before it gained that recognition. Gunn has had an incredible run as Zero G Champion over the last couple of months and has been steadily gaining momentum to The Hydro.

“Myself and BT have had almost like our own little series of exhibition matches in ICW this year, we’ve wrestled three times, having barely locked up whatsoever previously. It sits at 2-1 to me and I’m looking to add another victory – I know it’s going to be a great match against someone I know very well both inside and outside the ring.”Joe Coffey

OSWtv (@OSWtvScotland): The times be changing and the most popular wrestler in Insane Championship Wrestling is ‘The Oddity’ BT Gunn. His Zero G Championship win almost came out of nowhere but since then he’s been really putting in some great defenses against all comers. A guy that’s held every title in ICW expect the World Heavyweight Championship, sure he was ICW Heavyweight Champion but that was a good few years ago before Drew burst in and made it a World title. Coffey has held the title for, 6 months or so now? There doesn’t seem to be much direction going for him other than “I’m nae doing the hardcore wrestling” and “money matches” against imports. A BT Gunn win will be welcomed, possibly setting up some cracking fueds with Chris Renfrew, Stevie Boy, Kenny Williams while reigniting his battles with Mikey Whiplash and Wolfgang over the belt.

Wrestle Ropes (@WrestleRopes): Joe Coffey has been on a hell of a run since winning the ICW World Heavyweight Championship with wins over some of the biggest names in independent wrestling. Likewise, BT Gunn has almost breathed new life into the ICW Zero-G Championship. Out of the two, I think BT Gunn might just edge the win over Coffey, IF BT Gunn can counter the threat from Red Lightning who will no doubt do what he can to ensure his signing goes down in history as the man who unified the ICW World Heavyweight and Zero-G Championships.

Adam (@AdamMorrison40): BT Gunn. Gunn has had an exceptional 2017 so far and the ICW World Heavyweight Championship would be the icing on the cake for him. Joe Coffey could probably chase after the title, but I see him being signed to one of those WWE UK contracts sooner rather than later.

SportCentral (@_SportCentral): BT Gunn. I watched BT Gunn the other night and he was awesome. I know Joe Coffey is too, but BT Gunn is extremely good, and one that has been brilliant for ICW, and I feel he will be victorious in this massive event.

The Fans

Matches Announced:
The Kinky Party (Jack Jester & Sha Samuels) vs The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan)
Kenny Williams vs Rey Mysterio
Three Way Dance – Lionheart vs Rob Van Dam vs Zack Gibson
Number One Contender Match – Ladder Match – Bram vs Jody Fliesch vs Kid Fite vs Joe Hendry vs DCT vs Aaron Echo
King of Insanity Deathmatch – Mikey Whiplash vs Stevie Boy vs Chris Renfrew vs Jimmy Havoc
ICW Women’s Championship – Triple Threat – Steel Cage Match – Kay Lee Ray (c) vs Viper vs Kasey
ICW Tag Team Championships – The Marauders (Mike Bird & Wild Boar) (c) vs Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey)
ICW World Heavyweight Championship – ICW Zero G Championship – Joe Coffey (c) vs BT Gunn (c)