Pro-Wrestling:EVE ‘SHE-1: ACE Of EVE – Show One’ FULL Results

The following results are from Pro-Wrestling:EVE SHE-1: ACE Of EVE – Show One at The Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green, London, England on November 11th, 2017:


SHE-1 Tournament – Block A – Charlie Morgan defeated Nicole Matthews by pinfall. Charlie Morgan earns 2 points.

Sammii Jayne was intriduced to the ring but informed the crowd that she would compete when she chooses to, not when told to.

SHE-1 Tournament – Block C – Jamie Hayter defeated “Session Moth” Martina by pinfall. Jamie Hayter earns 2 points.

SHE-1 Tournament – Block A – Kay Lee Ray defeated Nina Samuels by pinfall. Kay Lee Ray earns 2 points.

Following the match, Nina Samuels attacked Kay Lee Ray.

SHE-1 Tournament – Block B – Meiko Satomura defeated Jetta by pinfall. Meiko Satomura earns 2 points.

SHE-1 Tournament – Block B – Viper defeated Emi Sakura by pinfall. Viper earns 2 points.

Livvii Grace came to the ring and announced her disappointment at not being considered for a qualifying match for the SHE-1 tournament. Rhia O’Reilly informed Livvii Grace that she would be competing in a triple threat match in January against Millie McKenzie and Toni Storm.

SHE-1 Tournament – Block C – Laura Di Matteo defeated Sammii Jayne by submission. Laura Di Matteo earns 2 points.


Tournament Block Standings

Block A

  • Charlie Morgan – 2
  • Kay Lee Ray – 2
  • Nicole Matthews – 0
  • Nina Samuels – 0

Block B

  • Meiko Satomura – 2
  • Viper – 2
  • Jetta – 0
  • Emi Sakura – 0

Block C

  • Jamie Hayter – 2
  • Laura Di Matteo – 2
  • “Session Moth” Martina – 0
  • Sammii Jayne – 0


Our thanks to ProWresLand (@ProWresLand) for the results from the event.

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